It’s been really neat to see the list of Fiberglass Fly Rod Shops continue to grow over the years and for many of these builders, their following amongst anglers continues to grow as well.  Because of this, they continue to come up with new offerings which is exciting as well. 

Nico Vreugdenhil of Yamame Fly Rods is celebrating the 5th anniversary of his shop in Holland and has unveiled a handful of new blanks which are being rolled for him to his specifications by the McFarland Rod Company

I reached out to Nico and asked if he’d provide some information about these new blanks that are offered and he shared some notes along with saying that due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are a lot of restrictions for him but he’s still able to continue building fly rods in his shop.


THE PURE – 6’6″ 1/2-Weight
“This is the smallest rod of “The Pure” series.  The fly rod is an E-Glass 3-piece blank with orange spigot ferrules.  It’s action is full, parabolic, and accurate with medium fast action that is deep loading.  It’s really fun to fish on spring creeks and small rivers.  This blank is rolled in a nice tobacco colour.”
THE PRIDE – 7’8″ 3-Weight
“After the great success of the four weight, I am introducing the three weight.  The fly rod is an E-Glass four-piece blank with tip over butt ferrules.  It has a progressive taper with a soft tip and with great recovery. This one is easy to cast a longer distance and is rolled in the tobacco colour.”
THE MORNING GLORY – 7’5″ 4-Weight
“This is a shorter version of “The Pride” and instead of tip over butt ferrules, this one has spigot ferrules. This blank is available in yellow or green E-Glass.”

THE GREEDY SOUL – 9’3″ 3-Weight & 4-Weight 
“I am 100{bbe05ad89f0c40efe8ea4831cb6f1d31a04c1304b5b34a58f5c9eb6a87597b93} a glass freak but sometimes it is not possible to roll light line weight fly rods in glass.  This is my first series in graphite.  This rod is made for Euro nymphing and also great for dry fly.  This is a four-piece black blank with tip over butt ferrules.” 
Visit the Yamame Fly Rods website for more information and follow along with the latest shop news on Facebook and Instagram.

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