Update: This morning WAN talked to Wayne Dietrechsen with Jimba Safaris in Zimbabwe. When questioned about the reported lion hunt next month, Dietrechsen denied that it was scheduled to take place, noting that “there is nothing in writing about it.”

However, yesterday, WAN spoke with The Safari Connection who confirmed the hunt, even claiming that approval was received by the Zimbabwe government. The Safari Connection, which calls itself “the ultimate source for classic hunting safaris,” states on its website that it “assists” booking people for safaris for hunting outfitters including Jimba Safaris.

As of this morning, Jimba Safaris’ website is down.

WAN will continue to update this story as it develops.


WAN has been informed by our partners that a lion hunt is scheduled to take place in Zimbabwe at the beginning of November 2020.

Allegedly, Wayne Dietrechsen with Jimba Safaris will be leading the hunt sometime between November 1st – 12th to kill one or more of these beautiful animals. Lions are currently listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List and are classified as Critically Endangered in some parts of Africa.

Cecil The Lion group and Peace 4 Animals visited these beautiful lions in Zimbabwe last year and recently discovered that the hunt will allegedly be taking place just outside of Hwange National Park next month.

“While visiting Zimbabwe, we were lucky enough to see Mopane, a very large male lion that is of breeding age and the father of eight cubs,” Mark Robinson, Founder of Cecil The Lion group, told WAN. “It’s heartbreaking to think that Mopane could be killed by these hunters who dare to call their work ‘conservation.’”

Mopane along with Humba, Netsai, and Nquwele, make up a group of male lions who bring hundreds of thousands of dollars through photo safari tourism into Hwange National Park. The revenue through photo safaris goes towards conservation, the community, and to those who work in the Park. The community has also donated thousands of dollars towards conservation efforts in and around Hwang National Park.

Clients pay tens of thousands of dollars to kill these majestic animals, hindering the opportunity to photograph lions and many other species in their natural habitat. Photo safaris bring in more revenue than hunting does to the local communities, while preserving the future of Africa‘s species for generations to come. Photographing these regal animals not only keeps them safe, but creates lifelong memories for tourists visiting Zimbabwe and other countries throughout Africa.

Trophy hunting puts the “Con” in Conservation.

Urge Jimba Safaris to put a stop to this hunt immediately. This beautiful species needs to be protected for the future of Africa. (Information Below)

You can also leave a comment on Jimba Safaris’ website HERE!

The Cecil The Lion community has already helped to stop scheduled hunts before and we can do it again. In memory of Cecil The Lion, we must protect the rest of Africa’s lions for future generations to come.

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