Let there be mild!, freshwater aquarium mild. Corys (significantly the peppered selection) are usually an awesome mix with bettas. Guarantee you might have hiding spaces from the light on your Cory, and I’d advocate some aeration; predominately use their labyrinth to breath oxygen from the surface, whereas corys only to this if the oxygen ranges within the water are low. Should you live in a temperate or tropical climate there ought to be no want for heating, though this may be required in winter, as neither bettas or corys like temps a lot under 20 deg Celsius or so. Live vegetation are also good idea. The actual fact Asian Arowana is the Dragon Fish implies that the Asian Arowana can shield the enterprise. Many businessmen do not get only one fish, they wish to get nine Asian Arowanas. In the conspecific check, the aggressive response of the focal fish could also be anticipated to be extra variable as in contrast with the mirror check as a result of it depends upon the dynamics of the interplay with one other fish. This was solely partially confirmed as the aggression rating was more variable in the direction of the conspecific than in direction of the mirror image solely in fighter females (P = 0.015; P > zero.058 for the opposite groups). Place a dish on the bottom of the aquarium to break the pressure of the water and fill the aquarium with water that is at room temperature. Add de-chlorinator to the water if you are utilizing unfiltered tap water. Examine for any uncommon leaks as you fill the tank. (They’re easily repaired with aquarium silicone). In the event you resolve to make your goldfish aquarium a real comfortable dwelling on your goldfish or the focal point in your room, try adding aquarium decorations and a few different goldfish accessories. Your goldfish will likely be a lot happier and have less stress if they have a number of decorations of their tank. Goldfish who dwell in a tank with out aquarium decorations, won’t be as active and solely swim near the sides of the goldfish bowl or in the corners of their goldfish aquarium. You may assume if you add aquarium decoration in your goldfish to cover in, that you will never see your goldfish anymore. As a rule, it’s the other. Your goldfish will gain confidence and will venture out an increasing number of. They will do this when they know they have a protected place to retreat to when startled. Our SECOND MASSIVE MISTAKE was putting the betta tank in a spot that had a mirror behind it. Remember that these are preventing fish and having the mirror makes them think that they have a foe. They are going to try to assault the opposite fish (in the mirror) sporting themselves out and probably doing some serious damage by constantly hitting the facet of the tank.