Lions may be the king of the jungle, but a tiny turtle proved he is the king of the waterhole.

Turtles are cold-blooded reptiles and have one of the longest lifespans in the animal kingdom, but not many challenge lions.

Amazing footage of a turtle chasing off a lion and lioness from a waterhole in South Africa’s Kruger National Park has been posted on YouTube, and it has gone viral.

Screenshot: YouTube/Kruger Sightings

Safari guide Reggi Barreto captured the unbelievable moment. In the video, a lion and lioness are seen lapping up water from a waterhole after a meal, with blood still on their faces. The brave turtle swims right towards the lion to claim his territory.

Screenshots: YouTube/Kruger Sightings

The large carnivore sees the turtle approaching and pauses for a brief moment, but then continues to drink. The tiny turtle closes in on the predator and goes straight to his face.

The lion casually moves away but the tenacious turtle follows, until the lion walks away.

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As if that wasn’t courage in its greatest form, the turtle also chases away a lioness drinking from the same waterhole.

Screenshot: YouTube/Kruger Sightings

The lion went to a different area of the waterhole to drink, thinking he was far enough away from the pesky turtle, but the persistent reptile reappears. Just like before, he approaches the lion with no fear.

Screenshot: YouTube/Kruger Sightings

At first, the lion pays little attention to the turtle, but the little guy made sure the predator knew he was there. The turtle sticks his neck out and reaches towards the muzzle of the big cat. The lion has finally had enough and walks away from the water.

Screenshot: YouTube/Kruger Sightings

Kruger Sighting posted the video with the caption, “If you ever think you are out-sized, then watch this video for motivation! This little terrapin showed lions who’s boss and chased them away from his waterhole.”

Screenshot: YouTube/Kruger Sightings

The video has been viewed by over 2 million people and hundreds couldn’t resist commenting. One person wrote, “‘I am not in danger, I am the danger’- Turtle.”

Another added, “What a brave little guy! He chases away the first lion, then he also takes on the second big cat, truly amazing footage!”

Watch the incredible moment in the video below and don’t forget to share.

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