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This Type of Bird is Good at Flying Backwards, How Come?

Birds are animals that can fly in the air. When noticed, birds tend to fly high and always come forward. But you know what? If it turns out that there is one type of bird that actually flies backwards alias backwards.
The bird is called a hammingbird, Not only does it have a small body and is known to be agile, it turns out that there are other interesting facts about how hummingbirds fly that are amazing for you to know. What are you curious about? Check out the information here, OK!

1. Stunning hummingbird flight pattern

Hummingbirds are known as one of the birds with unique flying abilities. Even the way they fly successfully fascinates scientists and ornithologists. As revealed by Hummingbird Plus, hummingbirds are known to be able to flap their wings around 8-200 times per second.
The very fast flapping of hummingbird wings aims to keep their bodies that are classified as very small, so that they can stay in the air. This also makes them need more energy which they usually get from flower nectar and small insects.

2. The flapping of wings is different from other birds

Have you ever watched a video showing the flight of a bird? When seen they do it by moving the wings from top to bottom, right? It turns out that this is in accordance with the facts, you know!
Still quoted from the same page, birds generally tend to move their wings up and down. However, this is inversely proportional to hummingbirds that flap their wings forward and backward. Interestingly, the common hummingbird moves its wings about one hundred and eighty degrees at the shoulder.

3. Can fly backwards even sideways

The amazing ability of hummingbirds to fly is further enhanced when they are known to be able to do it backwards, aka backwards. Not only that, this flower nectar-eating bird also has the ability to fly forward, sideways, even like a diving position.
This is done in order to be able to reach one flower with another to take the nectar as food. The hummingbird’s flight ability has earned it the nickname of a bird that can maneuver in the air. Great, huh!

4. How do hummingbirds fly backwards?

As previously explained, hummingbird wings can move one hundred and eighty degrees on the shoulder. This condition allows the tips of the wings to form a figure-eight pattern to the front and back when flapping. Then they can easily change the angle of their wings so they can maneuver as well as change the direction of flight.

5. The benefits that hummingbirds get when they fly backwards

Not only used to find food, the ability to fly backwards provides special benefits for hummingbirds. As reported by Wild Bird Scoop, hummingbirds also need it to help them avoid enemies.
This unique way of flying allows them to have better visibility than other birds. In addition, this ability also allows them to stop flying for a moment and hover when they feel threatened. A number of interesting facts about the hummingbird’s ability to fly are amazing, huh.

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