Ruth is a long-haired cat who, like most shelter animals, can’t wait to meet her forever family. But this shelter pet almost didn’t reach this part of her rescue story, because the orange tabby wound up at Pennsylvania’s Animal Care Sanctuary after being thrown from a moving vehicle.

“We believe that Ruth was thrown out of a car at a local farm, not far from here,” the shelter’s director of Feline Care, Ashley Bartholomew, told WETM. By the time Ruth arrived at the shelter, she required emergency care and physical therapy to recover from her terrifying ordeal.

Photo: Facebook/Animal Control Sanctuary

“She was not able to use her back end very well at all when she first came to us,” Bartholomew recalled. But even despite her injuries and certain pain, this brave cat turned out to be a survivor. In fact, the little cat responded so well to treatment that in just weeks, little Ruth was almost ready to start her next chapter.

“She has made tremendous strides in her physical therapy and treatment, and we believe she’ll be ready for adoption in the next couple of weeks,” the shelter worker said. The loving cat also remained a model patient throughout her recovery, which is impressive considering how poorly humans had treated her in the past.

Photo: Facebook/AnimalCareSanctuary

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“Ruth is an absolute sweetie who loves people and even doesn’t mind other kitty friends!” rescuers wrote on Facebook. “She’s had trouble walking but has been making big strides in her rehab, and we think she’s ready to for her next big step — a home!”

Please apply online if you would like to give Ruth the warm lap and loving home that she deserves.

Find out more about Ruth in the video below!

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