Louisiana often finds itself in the crosshairs during hurricane season, but nothing could prepare for the ferocity of Hurricane Laura, which whipped the Gulf coast with 150mph winds, becoming one of the strongest category 4 storms this country’s ever seen.

In the wake of this catastrophic devastation, The Animal Rescue Site and GreaterGood are teaming up with FreeKibble and Mutt Nation to evacuate 125 shelter dogs and cats affected by Hurricane Laura, which has left animal shelters struggling to care for the sudden influx of homeless pets. Because this often forces shelters to resort to euthanasia, we’ve scheduled a Flight to Freedom on Sept 13, 2020, to evacuate 125 dogs and cats caught up in the hurricane’s deadly path. The plane will touch down in San Diego, California, where demand for adoption is high. Most of the rescued pets on board will thus be adopted within days of their arrival.

Roslynn and Eyore will be traveling on board our Sept. 13 Flight to Freedom. Photo: FreeKibble/GreaterGood

This is especially good news for Roslynne, a rescued dog who (like many of our pet passengers) was scheduled for euthanasia until shelter staff heard about our emergency rescue mission and removed her from the kill list. Other four-legged flyers are medical evacuees scheduled for life-changing operations at the San Diego Humane Society prior to adoption.

These passengers include Eyore, an adorable puppy with a medical condition that prevents him from lifting his head. Kelly is a 12-year-old German Shepherd suffering from partial blindness, heart worm, and a desperate need for cataract surgery. The San Diego Humane Society has agreed to provide both dogs (and roughly a dozen other pet passengers with pressing medical conditions) with the surgeries and treatments they’ll need to live their best dog or cat lives with new adoptive families.


Kelly needs cataract surgery and heart worm treatment to fully enjoy her golden years. Photo: FreeKibble/GreaterGood

Of course, we couldn’t save Roslynn, Eyore, Kelly, and our other rescued pet passengers without your help. Our Flights to Freedom are funded solely through your donations, and your generous contributions help us save hundreds of dogs and cats every month. Even the smallest donation can make a huge difference, because just $5 helps us purchase 125 air miles for a needy animal. Mutt Nation is also matching donations up to $10,000 to help us fly even more pets to freedom.

Please donate here if you’d like to help support our Flight to Freedom on September 13, 2020. Even the smallest donation can make a huge difference to a shelter pet in need.

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