Treating Arowana Illness And Disease

Let there be mild!, freshwater aquarium mild. Corys (significantly the peppered selection) are usually an awesome mix with bettas. Guarantee you might have hiding spaces from the light on your Cory, and I’d advocate some aeration; predominately use their labyrinth to breath oxygen from the surface, whereas corys only to this if the oxygen ranges within the water are low. Should you live in a temperate or tropical climate there ought to be no want for heating, though this may be required in winter, as neither bettas or corys like temps a lot under 20 deg Celsius or so. Live vegetation are also good idea. The actual fact Asian Arowana is the Dragon Fish implies that the Asian Arowana can shield the enterprise. Many businessmen do not get only one fish, they wish to get nine Asian Arowanas. In the conspecific check, the aggressive response of the focal fish could … Read the rest