Are you considering fishing within the Potomac River? Tropical fish attract new and skilled aquarium house owners for a variety of reasons — their magnificence, their behaviors, their showiness, affordability and extra. To not point out the seemingly limitless array of shapes, colors, and sizes they arrive in in addition to their varying personalities, from aggressive and loner fish to neighborhood, playful and lively fish. There are heaps and plenty of breeds from which to decide on. Some are easy to look after and are perfect for beginners. Others are more difficult but rewarding to own. Create your own fascinating combine on your aquarium! But all the time do your homework on particular breed’s needs and compatibility with different fish. Bettas normally reside 2 – 3 years, but there have been a couple of cases of bettas living properly into their teens. Stewart sported just a few days of salt-and-pepper … Read the rest