Species Reality Sheets

Analysis has proven that animal companionship is good for our well being and wellbeing. Wildlife trafficking is often pushed by greed and the need to acquire monetary or different materials advantages. Because of this, an additional important tool to criminalize and combat wildlife trafficking are offences regarding the laundering of proceeds of such crime and to the financing of wildlife trafficking (IFAW, 2013; Khooshie Lal Panjabi, 2014; UNODC, 2018; UNODC, 2012). In the present day, practically each jurisdiction on the planet has offences relating to money-laundering and to enable the confiscation and seizure of proceeds of crime. In some jurisdictions, particular offences for cash-laundering and financial crime within the wildlife, forestry, and fisheries sector have been enacted. For further information on cash-laundering, please see Module four of the E4J College Module Sequence on Organized Crime. Whereas hovering over water with fairly low with its toes skimming, it picks up food … Read the rest