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Clearwater’s Key to Frequent Hudson River Fishes is an introduction to dichotomous keys and a guide to the Hudson’s commonest fishes. The ocean is the biggest habitat on the Earth, protecting virtually three-quarters of the Earth’s floor and encompassing a living area that is over two orders of magnitude larger than the entire open countryside and airspace present in terrestrial habitats mixed 1 Although the good majority of marine animals inhabit the intense epipelagic higher layers (down to a hundred m), a sparse but varied fauna—including arguably our most weird life types—inhabit the dark depths of the ocean. Surprisingly, many of these animals rely heavily on vision for the essential day by day duties of orientation, avoiding predators and finding meals and mates 2 In the twilight zone of the mesopelagic depths—the place the intensity of downwelling daylight progressively falls until it turns into too faint for imaginative and prescient … Read the rest