China Fish Farmers Harvest Troubled Waters With Floating Villages

A new type of highly delicate vision discovered in deep-sea fish. There are a number of traits that make up a top quality dorsal fin. The first is that it’s nice and broad along the size of the fish. The entrance edge of this fin should project forward and should have a nice curve that lets it meet the caudal in a easy arc that matches the curve of the tail. Ray branching is allowed within the dorsal. Lighting:The betta fish and vegetation will want not less than 8 hours of sunshine per day. If the tank is positioned to get pure daylight for this period, this is fine. However, if not, a lightweight will need to be added. The light must be turn off at night to establish an everyday sleeping routine for the betta. QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Some call it a floating metropolis, a flotilla of 260 … Read the rest