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Someday in the past, an African grey parrot was in the news because of his wonderful capacity to hold intelligent dialog in English. Lovebird General Info Lovebird Species The Peach-faced Lovebirds Agapornis roseicollis are very fashionable in aviculture – in addition to being easy to maintain and breed, there may be numerous excitement concerning the multitude of shade mutations which have occurred in captivity – with variations of the mutations possibly numbering overNo different parrot – apart from the budgie – is available in a wider array of colours. With new mutations popping up on a regular basis, the probabilities appear to be limitless. These lovebirds are often named by their shade mutation – akin to lutino yellow lovebirds, pied lovebirds, violet lovebirds, white-face or orange-face lovebirds. The experts will “combine and match” pairs to supply both the right specimen or probably to develop a brand new mutation. For hobby … Read the rest