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Gaggles of geese often regarded upon by youngsters as fun to feed and chase, have grow to be man’s nemesis. Usually, African Gray parrots stay from 25 to 50 years relying on the history of the chicken, lifestyle, stress elements, ailments, and different aspect that will have an effect on its lifespan. Relating to intelligence, this parrot specie is considered as a particularly intelligent chicken due to its means to talk or mimic different sounds and noises and for having a singular capability for placing their phrases and sounds into the proper context. Pet birds could be noisy, and parakeets will sing, chirp, and even screech. They are gifted mimics and a few species can even be taught to speak sure words or phrases. They may sing together with music or respond to your speech. If you happen to want a quiet pet, a parakeet may not be the best … Read the rest