Folks, my “desk area”, which is really like half of the great room of our home right now, is a complete mess with two very large boxes full of T.F.M. patched caps from Asheville Promo, two boxes of Retro Fly koozies, shipping supplies, more shipping supplies, a large box full of Retro Fly golf tees, and a batch of T.F.M. decals should arrive tomorrow which will then mean that I can then start packaging up orders. 

So far, my family is being patient about this mess but that could all (quickly) change…

If you placed an order for a T.F.M. patched cap, they are here and will ship sometime later this week.  It’s spring break for our children, my dad is coming down to golf with us for a few days, and I figure that I’ll work through packaging orders while watching The Masters Tournament each afternoon.

All in all, not a bad week to look forward to.

I couldn’t be more impressed with how these caps turned out and Asheville Promo met and exceeded all expectations even down to the woven tags that we cooked up.  Even if you ordered a Comrade cap, there’s a Retro Fly tucked away on the inside tag.  I like it.  

I’ve received payment from nearly everyone who pre-ordered a T.F.M. cap but there are several who I haven’t heard from.  Please check your spam folder and let’s work out payment and shipping details as soon as possible. 

Whoever I don’t hear back from by the end of the week, I’ll likely cancel the order so we can move forward with the random drawing for the Orvis Superfine Glass outfit.  Look for a winner to be picked sometime next weekend.

For those who are interested in a T.F.M. patched cap, there are extras but I need to move through the pre-orders first.  If you want to get in line for one, please send an email and I’ll contact you back when I am ready to take new orders.

Thanks to the support of everyone on making these caps a reality.  The pre-order exceeded expectations and it’ll be fun to have these in the T.F.M. Store.

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