For years, T.F.M. readers have asked for a brimmed cap and I’ve held off until I could find the right one.  I’ve been looking for a cap that would appeal to most everyone in looks and fit but also be comfortable with the durability to last.  I believe I’ve found it with these poly quick-dry with nylon mesh hats, and matched with the two-inch Comrade and Retro Fly patches, they look damn sharp.  You can keep the brim flat or give it a bend to your liking.

I’ve been wearing these “prototype caps” in the photo below over the past couple months and I’m really impressed.  I believe you will be too.

The process of getting this order off the ground is in motion.  More Comrade and Retro Fly patches are on order and the woven “GLASS IS NOT DEAD” labels are in the works as well which will be sewn into the back edge of each cap.  All of this, along with packaging and shipping costs, are making this project a bit costly even before the actual hat order has been placed.   

So, in an effort to incentivize a strong pre-order on these caps, my friends at Orvis and Scientific Anglers have stepped in to offer up a Superfine Glass fly rod, a Hydros fly reel, and an Amplitude fly line which one lucky person will win to kick off their spring. 
To place a pre-order for a T.F.M. cap, please send an email to [email protected] with which hat that you are interested in along with  your address and preferred method of payment.  
The patch/color choices for the T.F.M. caps are:
The cost for a T.F.M. cap is $35 shipped domestically.  For international shipping, please add $10 more.  If you order one than one cap, I can offer a $5 discount on each additional ordered.
I will ask for payment at the end of the pre-order period and by then should have a good idea when these caps will be in my hands to begin shipping out.  
Each order will be sent with a few T.F.M. decals and a neoprene Retro Fly koozie.

I can take PayPal, Venmo, credit card, or a check sent in the mail.  

Orvis and Scientific Anglers have provided me with a new Superfine Glass eight-weight fly rod that will be matched with a Hydros IV fly reel and the new Amplitude Bass Bug fly line.
For each T.F.M. cap purchased, your name will be added to the order list with a chance to win this fly rod outfit.  For example, One Cap = One Chance and Two Caps = Two Chances, etc.  The winner of the giveaway will be chosen by a random number generator once the pre-order period has closed and the order has been placed with the shop producing these hats.
I’ve talked about the Orvis Superfine Glass fly rods many times before on T.F.M. but if you need a refresher, check out this article, The Sticks (Fly Reels & Fly Lines) of Summer, and you’ll know that this fly rod is one of my most favorite eight weights in glass.  The latest redesign of the Hydros fly reels is a winner and I am excited to use the Amplitude Bass Bug fly line this summer.
Thanks in advance to everyone who will support this project with an order.  I really appreciate it. 

Please send me an email if you have any questions or concerns. 

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