Bears love to climb trees, which is possibly what inspired one curious bear to scale a wooden utility pole.

The incident occurred in the city of Douglas, Arizona, where puzzled residents were surprised to find a bear lounging on this rather unusual perch.

Photo: Twitter/ AZ Game & Fish Dept

Though the bear risked electrocution, the animal didn’t appear to be in distress, or desperate for rescue. According to the Arizona Game & Fish Department (AZGFD), this was even the second utility pole the bear climbed that day.

Regardless, this bizarre bear sighting led city officials to close part of Highway 191 while local police, sheriff’s department, and U.S. Border Patrol brainstormed what to do.

Photo: Twitter/ AZ Game & Fish Dept

There was probably a discussion of luring the animal back down with food, but feeding wild animals present other dangers. Somebody could try rescuing the animal, but this plan probably didn’t have many takers. Unlike the more commonly stranded kitten and cats, there’s no telling how a wild bear would react to rescuers.

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Finally, the bear climbed back down on his own accord and sauntered back into the woods, prompting rescuers and worried bystanders to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

“We’re always warning people to be #BearAware this time of year, but looks like this bear needed to be a little more aware, too!” the Arizona Game & Fish Department tweeted. “Glad everything worked out and everyone – including the bear – was safe!”

What a relief! Do you have any crazy bear stories? Let us know in the comments!

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