Like humans, vomiting in cats can result due to a multitude of reasons. If your cat is vomiting water or clear liquid, it could be a sign of some underlying illness. Since vomiting can be associated with a wide range of health complications, one should bring their cats to the animal medical center Virginia Beach VA for a thorough examination.

It is often hard to tell apart from water and clear liquid in vomit. The presence of clear liquid in vomit signifies that the cat is retching fluid from the digestive tract. On the other hand, cats may throw up water if they gulp too much water down. Cats may throw up water if they are experiencing motion sickness, gastritis, or hairballs.

This blog will discuss some common causes of clear liquid in vomit and its treatment.

Hairballs: Cats are known for being meticulously clean. They spend a considerable time of their day grooming themselves. A cat’s tongue contains numerous tiny hook-like structures that capture the loose hair from their skin. These loose strains of hair are swallowed by the cat and passed through the digestive tract. While most of the hair passes off naturally, some remain in the stomach and form a hairball. Cats excrete the hairballs through vomit.

Prior to vomiting hairballs, the cat may retch up clear liquid. While it is usual for cats to pass hairballs, it should not be painful or frequent. Adding dietary supplements to your cat can help them pass the hairball easily. Besides this, practicing regular grooming habits can also help the cat eliminate loose fur that may otherwise end up as hairballs.

Indigestion: The digestion system of a cat works similarly to a human. A cat’s stomach produces gastric juices and hydrochloric acid to digest the food. If your cat skips a meal or is not fed on time, the digestive juices start to build up and irritate the stomach lining. This can cause the cat to vomit. Cats suffering from indigestion can vomit clear liquid or white/ yellow foam. If your cat has indigestion issues, it’s recommended to feed them frequently and in small quantities. Spread the feeding time throughout the day to prevent the buildup of digestive acids in the stomach.

Food and Dietary Changes: Changes in the feeding habits of your cat may also cause them to vomit clear liquid. If you are changing your cat’s diet or food, they may experience vomiting. When switching your cat’s diet, you should do it gradually over some time. Cats with a history of internal sensitivities may also vomit undigested food. If your cat is vomiting the food, your veterinarian at pet care Virginia Beach may suggest putting them on a strict protein-based diet.

Treatment of Vomiting in Cats

Cat parents should not take frequent vomiting in cats lightly. If you are cat is vomiting more than once a week, you should take them to the animal medical center Virginia Beach VA for a thorough assessment. If your cat is displaying other signs of ailments like diarrhea, lethargy, loss of appetite, etc., you should contact your vet right away. Your vet will start the diagnosis with a physical examination and, later on, conduct blood tests or x-rays.

Depending on the results of the assessment, your vet may suggest fluid therapy and supportive care.