Birds are fascinating creatures with some beautiful plumage. It is no wonder that they are often favored subjects of nature photographers. For Tim Flach, a London-based photographer, birds are the perfect subject for him to capture unique and expressive personalities. He likes to photograph birds as his portrait subjects because they provide the viewers a glimpse into another world.

And some of his bird subjects aren’t your garden variety species either. Some of the birds that he has managed to capture are very rare and very beautiful species, such as the Peruvia Inca tern and the Toco toucan, also referred to as the giant toucan.

The photographer also happens to be quite fond of the Inca tern’s look which he refers to as the “Salvador Dalí of the bird world” with the feathered white mustache that runs across his face. Compared to this is the Toco toucan’s bold beak with its many colors. It is these differences that Flach likes to experiment with his photography presentation, explaining on Instagram that, “In a compositional sense, I will want to lead people to the most empathetic details.”

He has already published five books of photography that are related to animals. Besides his stunning photos of birds, he also has worked with a variety of other animal species such as horses, pandas, and penguins. The reason that he loves working with animals so much is that he sees himself reflected back in their eyes. After all, animal eyes are truly stunning. To him, animals can show humans the same feelings reflected in the human experience. It is absolutely fascinating the amount of emotion that can be captured in a portrait of an animal. We definitely see what he means.

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Flach’s photography books are available on his website, along with plenty of other photos and information about his art.

But for now, check out some of our favorites below:

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