If we allowed it, our dog would sleep in our bed every single night. She doesn’t seem to understand that she already has one of her own. There’s also a distinct possibility that she knows all about it but does not care. She takes up most of the room in our bed, so I only let her sleep in there if my husband is away on business.

Putting all of that to the side, it is time to talk about this problem in a more in-depth manner. How can we solve this issue? Fortunately, there is one custom furniture company that has seen fit to assist us. Country Creations Pine Furniture is here to make your day. They are based out of Clintonville, Pennsylvania and they have the perfect bed frames to assist dog lovers everywhere.

Their custom bed frames include a special bed for your four-legged friend. That probably won’t stop them from trying to clamber into bed with you, but it might help a little bit. The pine frames are absolutely adorable and we cannot wait to look into one of these for our own home. We have yet to hear of anything cuter than this.

These three pups approve! 🐶🐶Thank you Denise for sharing your picture of your bed & adorable pups with us!

Posted by Country Creations Pine Furniture on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

After all, our dogs are our best friends and they deserve the very best in return. They offer us their undying loyalty and they do not ask for anything in return. These folks have thought of everything, too. There are even steps on the sides so that your dog is able to get in and out of bed without having to ask for too much help.

King bed with dog bed, steps, and nightstands in early American. 1350$

Posted by Country Creations Pine Furniture on Friday, May 1, 2020

If you purchase the king-size bed with the dog bed attachment, it also comes with two end tables. We have been pricing bedroom sets for some time now and trust us, this is an absolute steal. You can take this piece home for just $1,350. There are others who may simply want to add the attachment to their current bed. That’s no problem either.

Posted by Country Creations Pine Furniture on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The attachment can be purchased by itself for just $400. If you need a mattress for the dog bed, a toddler-sized edition will work perfectly.

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