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Kitten Came Back to Woman Who Was Kind to Her and Moved Right into Her House

A kitten came back to the woman who had been kind to her, and decided to move into her house.

Gigi the tabby kitten loves pets and snugglesAsja @greycatsophie

A stray kitten was found wandering in a neighborhood of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Asja, a pharmacy student, who has a cat of her own (named Sophie), came across the tabby one day.

“The kitten was always walking around the street while meowing very loudly. Whenever someone tried to get close to her, she would run away immediately because she didn’t trust anyone,” Asja told Love Meow.

The kitten was terrified of people, noises and sudden movements, and was constantly on alert. When the weather started to get cold last winter, Asja took matters into her own hands as she couldn’t leave the kitten out without a warm shelter.

“I felt sad about the kitten (named Gigi) and made a … Read the rest

RECYCLED WADERS – The Making of the T.F.M. Zippered Stash Bags

I guess it was a couple of months ago now that I was left home alone for the weekend.  I decided to take advantage of the time and did a deep dive into the gear closet working on getting rid of quite a few things that needed new homes.  During this cleanse, I came across three old pairs of waders that either failed or had enough history of falls, scrapes, or leaks to not trust on my next trip.  I tossed them in the corner and continued working.

It had been awhile since I had last talked to Patrick Jenkins of Recycled Waders but didn’t want to toss the waders without talking with him first to see if he wanted them.  I sent a text and he answered back with his mailing address and asked if I wanted to do use them for some sort of collaboration.  That spurred a … Read the rest

Cat Shows Up Outside Family's Home to Have Her Kittens and Adopts 2 More that Needed Her

A cat showed up outside a family’s home to have her kittens and ended up helping a few orphans too.

Sunflower the catKara @azkittenfostermama

A few weeks ago, Kara Yancey, a foster volunteer of Living The Dream Rescue (in Phoenix, Arizona), spotted a cat outside her house, peeking through the screen door. Perhaps, the cat knew that something about Kara’s home just felt right.

“Every year when the weather gets nice, we open our living room window (with a screen installed) and our own cat, Charlie, ends up somehow attracting pregnant females to our backyard porch,” Kara told Love Meow.

“Sunflower (an orange stray) showed up on our porch one night, so we started feeding her. We could tell right away that she was pregnant.”

Sunflower the cat showed up as a strayKara @azkittenfostermama

The expectant cat mom was very shy at first and wouldn’t let anyone … Read the rest

Kitten Found in Car Engine Has the Most Precious Face and is So Happy to Be Cared for

A kitten with a sweet little face was found left behind in a car engine when someone heard his cries.

Tuxedo kitten born with a bilateral cleft lipAshley Kelley

Last month, Ashley Kelley, a foster volunteer of Wrenn Rescues (an animal rescue based in Southern California), was contacted about a pint-sized kitten needing specialized care. A Good Samaritan found him in a car engine bay when they heard his cries.

Once they got the kitten to safety, they noticed something unique about him. The tuxedo was born with a condition called a bilateral cleft lip, though his palate appears to be intact.

The kitten arrived with his umbilical cord still attached and eyes closed. Despite being so small, his will to live was strong from the start. Ashley sprang into action and took him into her care.

Ashley Kelley

She began round-the-clock tube-feedings and provided supportive care to … Read the rest

Woman Drives 10 Hours to Help a Cat and Ends Up Rescuing Her Kittens Just in Time

A woman drove nearly 10 hours to rescue a cat and ended up saving her precious kittens just in time.

Harmony the cat and her kittensDorset Rescue Kittens

A cat named Harmony was living on the streets of downtown Haliburton, Ontario (Canada) for her entire life, and befriended a few locals along the way. When they realized that she was pregnant, they began to try to bring her to safety.

Cailey Seymour, founder of Dorset Rescue Kittens, received several calls about the elusive cat. “A group of people tried to catch her for a few weeks with no success, so I made it my mission to rescue her,” Cailey shared with Love Meow.

She borrowed a handmade drop trap from a fellow rescue, Minden Cat Angels, and made the long trip to the location. “When I first arrived, Harmony was nowhere to be seen. We did a walk … Read the rest

Cat Who Wears a Perfectly Shaped Heart on His Back, is Looking for Family to Love

A shelter cat who wears a perfectly shaped heart on his back, is looking for a forever family to love.

Rutile the cat wears a perfect heart on his backLollypop Farm

Rutile, a 2-year-old ginger and white cat, was brought into Lollypop Farm (an animal rescue organization in Fairport, New York) early this year. He was one of 90+ cats rescued from a house fire in Perinton, New York.

“Rutile had a number of injuries related to the fire — when he arrived at Lollypop Farm, he was covered in soot, had singed whiskers and fur, an upper respiratory infection, and terrible burns on all four of his paws,” Lollypop Farm told Love Meow.

Despite it all, the sweet feline was in good spirits and grateful for the attention and help.

Rutile the cat getting head scritches during recoveryLollypop Farm

He was eager to be loved from the … Read the rest

Kitten with Small Body but Strong Will to Live Transforms into Gorgeous Calico Cat

A kitten with a tiny body but a mighty will to live grew to be a gorgeous cat.

Lulu the calico kittenBest Friends Felines

When Lulu the little calico came to Best Friends Felines, she was riddled with fleas, loaded with worms, and just skin and bones.

Avril, a local vet nurse, rescued the kitten from a sad situation and was determined to give her a fighting chance. “We knew we needed to fight for her and give her every chance to lead a full healthy wonderful life,” Nikki of Best Friends Felines shared with Love Meow.

Lulu was extremely emaciated and so hungry that she had been ingesting her own fur to survive. Despite all the odds stacked up against her, she was hanging in there with all her might. “She was so gaunt that her spine and every bone was protruding quite obviously.”

Best Friends FelinesRead the rest

Cat is So Happy that Her Kittens Will Never Have to Spend Another Day on the Streets

A sweet calico is so happy that her kittens will never have to live another day on the streets.

Priscilla the cat mom and her kittensKayla @salemfosterkittens

A month ago, Salem Friends of Felines, an animal rescue in Oregon, took in a feline family that needed help. The mother cat had been found as a stray and her kittens were just a few days old still with their eyes closed.

Kayla, a volunteer of the rescue, took them into her care. She immediately noticed that the cat, Priscilla, came with an adorable smile on her face and that she constantly let her tongue hang out.

“Her bottom right canine tooth sticks out of her mouth, leaving her with what looks like a smile,” Kayla shared.

Cat mom’s sweet smileKayla @salemfosterkittens

“She is also missing all of her front teeth and her top right canine, so there … Read the rest

Kitten Hops into the Laps of Family that Took Him in, and Determined to Get What He Wants with His Own Paws

A kitten curled up into the laps of his foster family, and was determined to get whatever he wanted through his charm.

Koda the kittenLaura Malone at Mini Cat Town

A few weeks ago, a little black kitten was brought into Mini Cat Town, a cat rescue in San Jose, California, after he was rescued as a singleton. The kitten with a pair of big doe eyes and bear mittens, was an instant love-bug.

After he arrived in foster care, he was all cleaned up, got a full belly and quickly found himself a warm lap to nestle in. The sweet little guy let out his adorable purrs in front of his human, and all he wanted was to cuddle.

“Because he looks like a little bear and he was found all alone without his mom, we named him Koda,” Laura Malone, Foster Mom, shared. “His eyes … Read the rest

Kitten Discovers Strange Looking "Cat" in Nursery and They Turn into Unexpected Friends

A kitten discovered a strange looking “cat” in the nursery, and they turned out to be the cutest friends.

Yige Zhao @fostersxyz

Two newborn kittens were found on the streets without a mother. A Good Samaritan brought them to a local shelter as they were in desperate need of care. Orphan Kitten Club was then contacted and immediately offered to help.

Yige Zhao, Satellite Nursery Coordinator of Orphan Kitten Club, took them into her nursery. The kittens were given round-the-clock feedings and placed in a cozy incubator to help regulate their body temperature.

The little black kitten (Frodo) was the smaller of the two, weighing in at just 77 grams. With proper care and nutritious food, they quickly bounced back.

Sam and Frodo the kittensYige Zhao @fostersxyz

“They were so small that I had initially mis-sexed them and named them Frodo and Samwise, a dynamic duo from Lord … Read the rest