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Watchdog organization alleges WSU research staff fabricated data, overdosed animals, violated protocols – The Daily Evergreen

An Ohio-based watchdog organization, Stop Animal Exploitation Now, called on WSU President Kirk Schulz to launch a full investigation into the university’s animal research programs in a letter sent to him on June 29. 

The letter includes retractions of three WSU journal articles and three non-compliance reports sent to the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare by Christopher Keane, WSU vice president for research. 

SAEN alleges that WSU research staff falsified and fabricated data, fatally overdosed animals, and failed to follow approved protocols and administer pain relief, according to the letter.  

“Washington State University staff is clearly utterly unqualified for their positions,” SAEN Executive Director Michael Budkie wrote in the letter.

SAEN routinely obtains reports from OLAW concerning the use and treatment of research animals at every registered research facility in the U.S. Budkie said he reads all of them. 

SAEN filed complaints against WSU in

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Woman Accused of ‘Animal Abuse’ for ‘Popping’ Lice in Video Viewed 3 Million Times

A woman’s viral videos in which she “pops” and kills invasive head lice has sparked a debate online about whether her videos are soothing to watch or cruel to the bugs.

Rachel, also known as @trashywashyy on TikTok, posted her most recent viral video to the platform over the weekend. A head lice removal specialist based in Australia, she begins her video, which has been viewed nearly 3 million times since posting, with a content warning for those squeamish around bugs and blood.

“Hey you guys, welcome back to the lice clinic!” she begins. “I promise you if there is any video of mine that you should watch it will be this one. I did not hold back for you guys.”

Rachel introduces her anonymous client suffering from a severe head lice infestation, and shows how she combs through the woman’s hair to scrape up the living and dead bugs.

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Woman arrested after over 50 animals found in her Lake City home, police say

Robin Pennington (Clayton County Police Department)

A Lake City woman was arrested for hoarding dozens of animals in deplorable conditions at her home.

Robin Pennington was arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

Officers from the Clayton County Police Department Animal Control Unit and Lake City Police Department visited the home located in the 1200 block of Trahlyta Terrace on July 2 after receiving a report of hoarding.

Police said officers encountered “horrible odors, a flea infestation, and animal feces all over the home.”

Animal control officers had to use “personal protective equipment for the hazmat conditions” to rescue the animals. 

Officials said 45 canines and 11 felines of varying

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Parma woman faces animal cruelty charge after dog found dead in hot car

PARMA, Ohio (WJW) – Parma police body camera video reveals the tense moments when officers discovered a dog dead after being left inside a hot car.

Officers responded to the Kenmore Avenue home of Kasey Wise, 31, at around 2:45 p.m. on June 10 after Wise called 911 to report she was locked out of her car with her pet husky motionless on the back seat floorboard inside.

Wise told the 911 dispatcher the dog had been in the car since about 4 a.m.

The body camera video shows a police officer arriving to unlock the SUV as Wise pleaded for help and told the officer the dog was not moving. The officer called for assistance from Parma Animal Control officer Julie Kocik, who arrived and found the dog dead inside the vehicle.

Parma police video footage


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Dakin Humane Society part of ‘first-ever mega transport’ rescue operation that brought more than 350 animals from Texas shelter

Dakin has nine dogs and seven new cats in its care after helping rescue more than 350 animals from a shelter in Texas.

“El Paso Animal Services, facing an animal population at critical capacity, arranged its first-ever mega transport on July 2,” Dakin said in a press release. “More than 350 animals were flown to California, Wisconsin and New Jersey, where representatives from shelters and rescue organizations met planes and collected animals to bring to their locations.”

Volunteers for Dakin went to New Jersey to pick up a few of the dogs and cats.

“While animal overpopulation isn’t a problem in the northeast anymore, in other parts of the country it’s a different story, with way too many family-friendly animals, and not enough adopters for them,” said Dakin’s executive director, Carmine DiCenso. “Partnering with other shelters is essential in animal welfare.”

The animals have to be medically and behaviorally evaluated

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Nicolas Cage on the Magic of Working With Animals

But I did have my family and I did have my animals and caught up on a lot of viewing. I watched a lot of movies, which I think is among the best ways to say on point with the craft of film performance. So I got a lot done, but still, I did miss, “Wow, they’ve got soft-shell crab, I really wish I could have that soft-shell crab and combine it with some nice bit of chardonnay.”

I’m glad you brought up the culinary aspect because the film touches on how a really great meal can evoke deep sensory memories, even years in the future. What’s a meal that does that for you?

I don’t mean to out my father, who’s no longer with us, but I remember when I was nine years old, he brought home a bucket of KFC and a bucket of champagne. I’ll be darned

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Parma woman faces animal cruelty charges after dog dies while locked in hot car for hours

PARMA, Ohio — A woman was arrested on animal cruelty charges after calling police and telling them her dog had been locked inside her car overnight, only for responders to arrive and find the dog dead, according to the Parma Police Department.

On June 10, around 2:45 p.m, a woman called police seeking help getting into her car because her dog was locked inside of it. On that date, temperatures in Parma reached a high of 81 degrees by 11:58 a.m.

“My dog is locked in my car and I don’t have a spare key,” the woman told the dispatcher. “He’s been in there—I couldn’t find my spare key so I was wondering if a police could open it?”

The dispatcher then asked the woman how long her dog has been inside the car to which she responded “he’s been in there quite awhile.”

Pressing the woman for more details

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18 horses, other animals taken from Maine farm

18 horses, other animals taken from Maine farm

a big animal rescue operation out of spring vale Today, officials have been on a farm since seven a.m. Rounding up mistreated animals. It was on the Deering neighborhood Road, state animal welfare employees, animal control officers. Several sheriff’s deputies loading at least 18 horses with varying degrees of neglect and several cats and dogs into trailers, officials not going into detail describing the animals conditions, only that they’re not used to contact with humans. They haven’t been handled a lot in the past, so they are being difficult and they’re kind of scared. So we’re trying to take it slow and easy them onto the trailers and get them out into a safe location. The names of the animals owners have not been released, but police say they are cooperating.

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BARC closed until further notice due to distemper, other illnesses among animals

HOUSTON – The City of Houston’s BARC announced they have closed their services to the public until further notice due to a high number of illness cases among animals in their facility.

The animal shelter said in a release that they have confirmed six positive distemper cases, which is a disease commonly present in stray dogs.

“BARC is taking immediate, preemptive measures to isolate the issue,” said BARC Shelter Director Greg Damianoff in a statement. “This will allow BARC to focus our resources on treating sick animals and prevent further spread within the shelter population.”

BARC has isolated the dogs that may have been exposed to the illness and is currently monitoring healthy but exposed animals for possible symptoms, the release said. An infectious disease protocol has been established within the facility.

HOUSTON – BARC, the City of Houston’s Animal Shelter and Adoption Center, will reopen for select services during

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International Kissing Day: Why do animals kiss?

July 6 marks the International Kissing Day each year.

Kissing is not only an expression of love and intimacy, it’s also about religion and social contact. Animals in nature appear to kiss sometimes, but have you ever wondered why animals kiss?

If we look in the animal kingdom, we’ll see that kissing is unusual. Most animals don’t kiss as such, but many of them exhibit similar affectionate behaviors such as licking, hugging, touching faces, and many other habits of social approach.

However, our closest relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos, do kiss. Primatologist Frans de Waal of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, has seen many instances of chimps kissing and hugging after conflict, according to BBC. For chimpanzees, kissing is a form of reconciliation. It is more common among males than females. 

When you think animals are kissing, they probably aren’t. Kissing may have biological significance in the animal kingdom.

The animals

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