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Kitten Begins to Thrive When Another Cat Takes Her Under His Wing

A kitten who was found alone outside, began to thrive when an orange cat took her under his wing.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

A tortoiseshell kitten was spotted wandering the streets without a mom or siblings. She was brought to a shelter in Montreal, Canada and in need of rescue. The tortie was just skin and bones, crying nonstop for attention.

Shelter volunteers reached out to local rescues and hoped to find the kitten a foster home that she deserved. As soon as Chatons Orphelins Montréal agreed to take her, they arranged transport and safely brought her to the rescue.

The pint-sized kitten named Ellie had a lot of growing to do. She was picked up by a foster volunteer, so she could start working on gaining weight in the comfort of a loving home.

The tortie was eager for company and would cry every time she was by herself.

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Kind Souls Look After Litter of Neglected Puppies, Dog with Reptilian Skin Condition, and Tripod Kitty

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Good Samaritan Tips Shelter Off to Puppies in Need of Rescue

CNHS received a call from a local Good Samaritan informing us he found an advertisement, giving puppies away for free. This troubled him, so he inquired for more information from the seller and found that they were not only in horrible conditions, but much further away than he thought. The distance did not stop him from helping us rescue these sweet souls. He gave us all the information he had on these cute faces, and we worked with him to get the dogs to our facility.


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WAN Exclusive With Animal Place Sanctuary Which Urgently Needs To Find Homes For 6 Cows Being Saved From Slaughter In Northern California

Photos by: Marji Beach, Animal Place

What started as a heartwarming story about the rescue of two 20-year-old cows, Honey and Babe, by Animal Place Sanctuary, a nonprofit that provides a safe haven to nearly 400 rescued farm animals, and promotes a compassionate vegan lifestyle, has turned into an urgent call to action to help save the lives of six more cows before they are sent to auction at the end of January.

WAN talked to Kim Sturla, the Executive Director of Animal Place, as well as the organization’s Director of Fund Development, Marji Beach, who secured the rescue of Honey and Babe, which took place on January 16th.


Sturla explained to WAN that there were a total of 13 cows, the majority believed to be offspring of either Honey or Babe, that needed new homes after their elderly caregiver could no longer tend to them and her family

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Kitten Picks the Right House for Help After Roaming the Streets, and Turns into Happiest Cat

A kitten picked the right house to visit in a neighborhood and befriended the family. His life was forever changed.

With Grace @withgracerescue

A few weeks ago, a young cat showed up in a Las Vegas neighborhood. He was about eight months old, and scrounging for food at night. He wandered to the backyard of a family and decided to observe them from afar. Little did he know, he picked the right place to hang around.

Danielle, the homeowner and founder of With Grace (a kitten rescue in Las Vegas), spotted the tuxedo outside. She reached out to the neighbors to see if anyone recognized the cat, but no one did.

“We have a colony of cats (all neutered) in our neighborhood that are all tuxedos, so we were not sure if he was a part of the colony or not,” Danielle told Love Meow.

With Grace @withgracerescue

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Retired Woman Who Didn’t ‘Want One of Those Little Dogs’ Falls in Love with One

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Vivian admits it was a little fib.

A story about how she couldn’t come out of her apartment to see the dogs available for adoption from The Animal Foundation. The dogs happened to be just a short walk away in the community room.

“I didn’t want a dog. Too busy. Nope. Don’t wanna go. Don’t want to be bothered. Leave me alone. No. Not doing it.”

Vivian was lying. She’s 73-years-old and retired.

“I sat here for a few minutes and then I got up and went down there. I looked at all the dogs and was like, mmm-hmmm.”

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Kitten with Fuzzy Hair and Unbridled Energy Thrives With Help of Other Cats, and Finds Family of Her Dreams

A kitten who came to the shelter all alone, began to thrive with the help of other cats and a foster family.

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

A kitten was brought to a shelter in San Jose, California as a singleton. She was in need of a foster home and a lot of socialization. Laura Malone of Mini Cat Town didn’t hesitate to take her into her care.

The kitten named Roz was covered in dust. After a much-needed bath, her coat went from brown to light grey. She turned into a tiny baby bear with her fuzzy hair, big paws and long whiskers going in all directions.

“She purred loudly the minute she saw me and loved sitting in my lap while I pet her,” Laura shared with Love Meow.

Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town

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Rhino Poaching Persists In South Africa Despite Legalizing Horn Trade

The international trade in rhino horn, regulated by the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES), has been banned since 1977. However, individual countries may write their own laws that regulate the sale of rhino horn within their boundaries.

Most countries have modeled their laws after CITES’ rule and endorsed an outright ban on the domestic rhino horn trade, but South Africa, home to 70 percent of the world’s 29,500 rhinos, has taken a different approach.

Source: Pixy
Rhino horns can be traded with a special permit in South Africa.

A South African constitutional court struck down the ban on the sales of rhinoceros horns in 2017 after poaching incidents were thought to have been reduced to negligible number. According to National Geographic, the threat of poaching was previously enough for the government’s Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) to enforce the ban on those who raised rhinos like … Read the rest

Kitten from the Street Finds Family Cat to Hold onto, and Determined to Win Him Over

A kitten was determined to win over the heart of a family cat, after he was rescued from life on the street.

Allie Malin @marleymalin

A 5-month-old orange kitten was found roaming the streets of Los Angeles, along with a few other cats. Friends for Life Rescue Network sprang into action and brought them to safety.

Allie Malin came across a post from the rescue, seeking volunteers to foster the cats. “I immediately applied to become a foster, and I was approved and sent a picture of this adorable orange cat with curled ears.”

She picked up the kitten the next day and was instantly smitten with the little guy. The tabby named Lyric was a love-bug from the start and quickly settled into his new abode, as if he’d been there all his life.

It didn’t take long for the kitty to notice that there was another cat at … Read the rest

Cat Returns Home With A Note From The Neighbors Attached To His Collar

Cats are well-known to be quite independent. They do their own thing and will often live their lives according to the beat of their own drum. Personally, that is what I love about them. Cats don’t care what anyone thinks, they just follow their own bliss – whatever that might be. And for one cat named Billy, his daily antics ended up bringing about a friendship between neighbors.

Like many outdoor cats, Billy likes to spend his days roaming around his neighborhood while he goes on feline adventures by himself. It was during these excursions that Billy ended up living a double life. Billy’s owner, Zack King, had no idea what Billy would get up to on his explorations. But he would soon find out all about his cat’s secret life after he came home one day with a folded piece of paper covered in plastic wrap that had been … Read the rest

Breaking! WAN Talks With Endangered Habitats League After Judge Blocks L.A. Development That Would Have Threatened Imperiled Mountain Lions

In a victory against a destructive project threatening local mountain lions in northern Los Angeles County, a judge issued a ruling Monday blocking a 1,300-acre Northlake development.

The development was planned to be constructed on fire-prone wildlands, and would have imperiled rare species of wildlife and buried 3.5 miles of Grasshopper Creek, a pristine stream that feeds into Southern California’s last free-flowing river, the Santa Clara.

In response to a lawsuit brought by conservation organizations, including the Center for Biological Diversity, along with Endangered Habitats League, Judge Richard L. Fruin, Jr. found that the development’s environmental review failed to consider less harmful plans. One that would have avoided destruction of Grasshopper Creek, which western spadefoot toads call home, and the surrounding habitat of vulnerable wildlife including mountian lions.

“When a water system is removed, it pulls the plug on the whole ecosystem,” Dan Silver, Executive Director of the Endangered Habitats

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