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Breaking! Hawaii To Be The Next State To Ban Testing On Animals For Cosmetics; Sign Petition To Pass Federal Legislation As Well

Hawaii is in line to become the next state to ban testing on animals for cosmetics after the Hawaii Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act passed the state legislature’s final vote at the end of last month. The bill is now on the desk of Hawaii Governor David Ige to sign into law.

The bill, introduced by Hawaii Senator Mike Gabbard several years ago, calls for cosmetic manufacturers to stop selling any cosmetic product involving new animal testing from January 1, 2022.

“I’m stoked the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Bill (SB 345) that I introduced finally passed. With a good chance of becoming law, Hawaii will soon become the sixth state in the country to ban cosmetic animal testing,” Senator Gabbard shared in a post on his Facebook page. “I first introduced this legislation in 2018, with input from the Hawaiian Humane Society, Pono Advocacy, and Cruelty Free International—making Hawaii one of the

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Kitten with Bent Paws Learns to Walk with Encouragement From Cat Mother

A kitten with bent paws learned to walk with lots of encouragement from her beloved cat mother.

palm-sized, cute kitten
Dove the kitten with twisted front pawsAngela

About a month ago, a rescued tabby cat gave birth to a litter of five while she was at a shelter in California. One of her kittens, Dove, was born with front paws that were bent inwards.

They were transported to Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals where a foster family was awaiting them. “Momma Calliope and her kittens were flown over to Oregon and they came to my home,” Angela, Foster Mom, told Love Meow.

“Dove was the tiniest kitten out of the five and her twisted legs made it hard to defend herself from her siblings when she was nursing.”

kitten, sleeping, twisted legs
Dove the kitten with twisted front pawsAngela

Angela got right to work and made sure that Dove had plenty of one-on-one time with … Read the rest

After Being Returned Twice To Shelter, Unwanted Dog Becomes Police K-9

Arrow, a rescued dog from Burlington, New Jersey, knows all about second chances. According to the Burlington County Times, the 2-year-old Belgian Malinois mix was surrendered twice to a local shelter, first for failing to befriend a fellow pet, and then for acting overprotective of his second owner’s wife.

But shelter workers could tell Arrow wasn’t a bad dog. He was just a young and energetic Belgian Malinois who struggled with life in a cage. “Their brains, especially in the Malinois, are continuous, and when they are locked in the kennel they go crazy,” one of those shelter workers, Deb Bucci, told the newspaper, recalling how she immediately saw Arrow’s potential.

Photo: Facebook/Kyle Heasley

After months passed without anyone expressing interest in Arrow, Bucci started posting about the unwanted dog on Facebook. Those posts attracted the attention of the Rescue 22 Foundation, a non-profit group that trains rescued dogs to … Read the rest

Chimp Named “Tarzan” Is Finally Rescued After Being Held Captive For 25 Years In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo

Yesterday, Conserv Congo, in collaboration with Lwiro Primates Sanctuary and Bonobo Aid, rescued an adult chimpanzee who had been illegally held captive for nearly 25 years by a family in Bunia, Ituri

The national police and the Ministry of Environment assisted the groups with the rescue of the chimpanzee named Tarzan, who was found chained to a truck engine block earlier this year by one of Conserv Congo’s investigators.

Tarzan was an infant when the family purchased him in the 1990’s. He spent his young life being used as a prop for tourists to take selfies with for $10 a photo. As he grew older and became more aggressive, the family shockingly tried to calm Tarzan down by giving him alcohol and cigarettes, to which he became addicted. Sicking!

Then, deemed “useless,” the tortured animal was left in filth, chained in a half built structure with writing on

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Kitten with So Much Sass Trills Her Way into Hearts of Family

A tiny kitten with a big voice trilled her way into the hearts of a family.

Peep the tuxedo kitten with a big voiceMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

Sarah Kelly, founder of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue (in North Carolina), was contacted about a tuxedo kitten found outside all alone. A Good Samaritan heard her squeaky meows and located the little ball of fur in an AC unit outside an apartment building.

It was rainy that day and the kitten was crying for her mother who never came back to her. “Her cries saved her life. She was brought to us, and she didn’t stop meowing (giving commands),” Sarah shared with Love Meow.

It was clear from the start that the tuxedo was born a princess, displaying so much sass at a young age. She was a chatterbox and determined to get what she wanted.

“She was never shy and so … Read the rest

47 Cats and Kittens Rescued From Hoarding Situation In Santa Cruz Are Looking For Forever Homes

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter is an open door shelter that never turns away a pet in need. Even if that means taking in 47 cats and kittens at the start of kitten season.

The shelter recently rescued 47 cats and kittens from a hoarding situation. They received a tip that roughly 50 cats were living in poor conditions in a small RV. The owner surrendered all the felines and the shelter is now looking for loving forever homes.

Photo: Facebook/Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter

“These cats did not get the resources they needed in their previous home. We are looking for patient, caring adopters to give these kitties a great second chance at life. Adopters will need to be patient in socialization as these cats did not get a lot of that in their previous home,” wrote the shelter.

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World Animal News TOP Stories Making Headlines

1. Rest In Peace Rory Young, Co-Founder and CEO of Chengeta Wildlife

Statement from Chengeta Wildlife:

It is with deepest sorrow and regret that Chengeta Wildlife confirms the death of Rory Young, our co-founder and CEO.

Rory was leading a wildlife protection patrol in Arly National Park, Burkina Faso, on April 26, 2021, when they were attacked by terrorists which resulted in his death and that of two Spanish journalists who were capturing his efforts to protect precious wildlife.

WAN & Peace 4 Animals sends our deepest condolences, love, and healing to Rory’s family and the families of the two journalists who have passed. May justice be served!

2. Rest In Peace Dr. Elliot Katz, Founder Of Animal Welfare Organization ‘In Defense Of Animals’

Dr. Elliot Katz, D.V.M., Founder of In Defense of Animals, one of the nation’s foremost animal advocacy organizations, passed away on March 24, 2021, at

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Cat Found with 2 Sets of Kittens is So Happy to Have Her Dream Come True

A sweet calico is so happy to have her dream come true after being rescued with her two litters of kittens.

tiny kitten, big eyes, ginger kitten
Cornbread the kitten smallest of his litterAlley Cat Rescue

Earlier this year, Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles learned about the plight of a mother cat and her eight kittens from two separate litters. The rescue was able to intercept and take in the family of nine before they would have ended up in the shelter.

The calico named Tangerine was just under one year old and needed a lot of help. “We got the mom with two sets of four at different ages, all nursing,” Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

The young mom was spread pretty thin trying to feed eight very hungry mouths. Volunteers started supplementing the older kittens, so Tangerine could concentrate on feeding her four demanding 10-day-old babies.

cat mom, nursing, baby kittens
Tangerine the cat mom Read the rest

Kitten Captured Hearts with Her Fuzzy Hair and Tiny Squeaks After Being Rescued With Her Sister

A fuzzy kitten and her tabby sister won the hearts of people with their fight to live.

fuzzy, kitten, palm-sized
Wild the kitten with fuzzy hairSara Tiedeman

Sara Tiedeman, a vet tech from California, took in a pair of kittens needing critical care. “They were transferred to the rescue I work with from another organization who didn’t have a foster home available for them,” Sara told Love Meow.

Sara who specializes in neonatal and critical care kittens, took them on right away. The kittens were frail and just skin and bones. “Wild (the smaller grey kitten with very fuzzy hair) was very underweight and underdeveloped. Brave (the brown tabby) was limp and nearly unresponsive.”

She began tube-feeding the kittens around the clock to get vital nutrients into their tiny bellies. Not only did the feline sisters start to perk up, but Wild the fuzzy kitty even found her squeaky voice and … Read the rest

Pint-sized Kitten "Glowing Up" into Gorgeous Siamese After Being Brought Back to Life

A tiny kitten made an incredible come back and grew to be a beautiful cat with the help of her rescuer.

Wasp the kittenAmber Spencer

Amber Spencer, a fosterer of Perth Rescue Angels, was at the vet to say goodbyes to her beloved 20-year-old foster cat Nancy, when she learned about a litter of kittens needing urgent help.

“My sweet girl Nancy is the only reason I met them that day. I decided I had to take them,” Amber shared with Love Meow. “The kittens came in from a less than ideal home through one of our local rangers.”

Amongst the surviving kittens, Wasp, a Siamese mix, was the tiniest of the bunch. She was severely dehydrated, anemic and emaciated. Despite all the odds stacked up against her, she was hanging in with all her might.

Amber Spencer

At six weeks old, Wasp was just the size … Read the rest