A post on North Fork Composites and their Iconoglass series of fiberglass blanks has been in the hopper for awhile now and a recent price slash on their blanks moved it up to the top to be published today.

I guess I’ve held off on talking about the Iconoglass blanks since I don’t have any experience with them yet but early reports from builders and anglers that I follow online and social media have given these blanks very high marks.  The full rate price isn’t too bad for a “Made in USA” blank but the sale price (on top of an already promotional price) running right now should be too good to pass up.  

A couple of months ago, I had a great conversation with North Fork Composites CEO Alex Maslov, and he brings an impressive business background that is not often seen within the fly fishing industry.  He has an interesting take on the state of how and where fishing blanks are made and I think that we’ll see NFC rolling out some additional offerings in the Iconoglass series in the future.  He seemed all ears on ideas and due to manufacturing blanks in-house, they can “get weird” if there’s interest.  They are also one of the very few shops that are working with S2/Zentron glass fiber.
Glass trout weight pack rods?  Glass switch rod blanks, maybe?  Short heavy line weight bluewater or jungle worthy blanks?  What additional Iconoglass offerings would you like to see? 
What’s the skinny on the Iconoglass series of blanks?  Here’s some narrative lifted from the website…
“At NFC we wanted to dispel the notion of what a glass blank should look and feel like. For years, custom rod builders have been asking our design team to give them a glass canvas, one that’s a joy to cast, is lightweight and faster in action compared to traditional E and S glass predecessors. We decided to go a step further and incorporate stunning colors into this series. The name Iconoglass “stuck” as we wanted to challenge the traditional understanding of “glass is boring” or “glass is heavy” or “glass is too slow”. Iconoglass blanks will challenge this notion with every cast.”
I’ll try to rundown an end date on this current Iconoglass sale but in the meantime, if you’re looking for a new fiberglass fly rod build to keep you busy this fall and into winter, it might be time to place an order for one or even a few blanks.   
Check out the North Fork Composites website for more information and consider following along on the latest shop news on Facebook and Instagram.

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