Have you ever thought of becoming a fly fishing guide?  Are you leaving college soon and thinking about the few decades of your life?  Maybe you’ve lived work life in a cubicle and the pandemic has you rethinking what you want to do going forward?  Maybe it’s time for a change.  Or maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t know how to do it.  
Think of this as a small group experience to teach you everything that you need to know to begin a career in guiding with instructors with decades of experience.  Scroll down to read more… 

 From the McCall Angler’s presser…

“The best fly fishing guides, the ones that really rise to the top, are the ones that can acknowledge their client’s expectations, the daily conditions and adjust accordingly, on the fly. They are coaches and educators. Knowing a lot about fishing is essential and sharing the wisdom relies on how to appropriately translate that knowledge in a way that can be absorbed by the client that’s right in front of them. This philosophy is what inspired the McCall Angler to design a new kind of a Fly Fishing Guide School that focuses on diverse guiding techniques but also client relations, engagement and how to be successful as an independent contractor. The McCall Angler Guide School team of instructors comes from all capacities of the fly fishing industry and their combined knowledge will prepare any angler looking to transfer their fishing skills into a professional career.


• Brad Owens – McCall Angler’s Head Guide. Brad has over 27 years of guiding experience, and has been a travel host for fishing expeditions across the Western US, Belize & Patagonia. 

• Miles Nolte – MeatEater’s Fly Fishing Director.  Miles has over 20 years of professional guiding and destination travel under his belt.

• Hank Patterson – Self acclaimed “World’s Greatest Fly Fishing Guide in the History of the World”.  Hank brings his humor and industry experience. 

• Graham MacKenzie – A 20 year veteran fly fishing guide, Graham has guided all over the US and abroad. 

• Hutch Hutchingson – FFI Master Casting Instructor with over 30 years in the fly fishing industry

Fly fishing Guides can make a decent living during a season of guiding. Opportunities for professionals can range from working through an outfitter, a fishing lodge or travel destination trips, depending on level of experience. The fly fishing industry positively contributes to local economies where fishing resources are prevalent. Fly fishing clients often come from out of town, joined by their family or friends for days at a time. They stay in area hotels and rentals, dine at local restaurants and support local businesses.

McCall, Idaho offers a very unique and diverse fishery. Lake Cascade, a 30,000 acre reservoir is certainly the area’s most well known body of water which is home to trophy size Perch, Bass, Trout and Tiger Musky. The Payette River and its tributaries offers miles of fishing opportunities to include targeting species of Rainbow, Cutthroat and Brown Trout.

“Having a Fly Fishing Guide School located in an area where we can take advantage of these different fishing opportunities will allow our students to gain a multitude of experience that can translate to a career nearly anywhere in the country” says Brad Owens, Head Guide at McCall Angler.

McCall Angler’s Guide school runs May 9th – 15th, 2021. It will be held at the No Business Lodge in McCall. Tuition is $3,200 per student, and this package is all inclusive (lodging, meals, etc). Instruction will mostly be in the field and with minimal classroom time. Students can register by calling McCall Angler or visiting the website for more information.

McCall Angler is the premier fly fishing outfitter that has experience guiding in Valley County for over 20 years. They offer guided fishing in the area’s rivers and lakes as well as fishing lessons throughout the season.” 

Need more information?  Visit the McCall Angler website for details on the Guide School.  Sign up before the class is full.

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