I think most of us would agree that we would do anything for the cats in our lives. They seem to give so much to us without ever asking for anything in return, so when they do need something, we want to give it to them.

It seems as if a Japanese man felt similarly when his cat got sick.

The man went on the Yahoo Japanese auction website, calling himself Leiz, to sell his 1989 Toyota Supra to pay for those his cat’s medical bills.

Photo: flickr/mangopulp2008

He had owned the car since 1993 but now it was on the auction block and selling for almost $33,000.

SoraNews reports that that model of Toyota sold for around $16,500 brand-new. The car was priced higher, however, because it meant so much to the seller personally.

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Photo: flickr/mangopulp2008

Leiz made the difficult decision to sell his beloved car because his cat, Silk, had been diagnosed with a viral disease that could be deadly, Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). He made the decision to sell the car to cover the veterinary bills, which could be as much as $24,400.

Someone who was interested in buying the car lived close to Leiz and said he was willing to buy the car for the listed price but he was also empathetic.


After he purchased the car, he was going to restore it and build a garage to protect the paint job. The funny thing is, he wanted to store the vehicle but wasn’t interested in driving it. He was going to return the car to Leiz!

After the veterinary bills were paid, he would be able to buy the car back for the same price he sold it for. He could also visit in the meantime and drive the car when he wanted.

If that wasn’t enough, he also offered to throw in an additional $1222 to help with the medical treatments.

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