I think it’s fun when industry neighbors play nice together and this latest collaboration with PNW companies, Korkers and STLHD, is one part badass wading boot and one part branding fun.  
The limited edition Korkers X STLHD Terror Ridge wading boots come with both studded black felt and Kling-On outsoles, which give you the ability to switch out soles on the fly to meet whatever situation you’re in on the water.
From the Korkers presser…
“Just in time for the holiday season, Korkers Footwear and fellow Northwest brand STLHD, release a limited edition collaboration wading boot. The all new Terror Ridge STLHD boot combines many popular Korkers features with the STLHD logo. Not only does this boot feature a unique “black out” color scheme and special material treatments, it also comes in a unique sole package option featuring Studded Black Felt and Kling-On Rubber. 
“Here in the Pacific Northwest, we call our trout Steelhead” says CEO Brian Chaney. “Chasing these unicorns in the fall and winter months requires footwear with enhanced traction, stability, support, and comfort. The new limited edition Terror Ridge STLHDTM delivers it all in a bad ass silhouette.” 
Korkers new Terror Ridge STLHDTM wading boot features a unique and dynamic heel locking system that provides a secure fit at the heel and ankle with just the right amount of give for agile flexibility. The robust protection and support come from molded toe and heel counters, structured collar, and an enhanced EVA midsole culminating a boot that protects from every angle. The upper features a unique quarter panel that allows water to drain quickly which shortens dry times. The Terror Ridge STLHDTM offers guide-level performance and is backed with an extended two-year warranty. This performance package wouldn’t be complete without Korkers proprietary Omnitrax Interchangeable Sole System including a one of kind sole package that cannot be found on any other Korkers boot models.”
The Korkers X STLHD Terror Ridge wading boots are priced at $199.99, again come with two sole inserts, and available in size 8 through size 15.  
These are a limited edition offering so when they are gone, they are gone. 

You can purchase these online on either the Korkers or STLHD websites. 

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