A kitten with a rare condition found a wonderful family and a grandpa cat to help him thrive.

Gabi @teapot.cat

A pint-sized kitten was rescued from the streets by volunteers of Alley Cat Project, and brought to Seattle Area Feline Rescue for a chance at a better life. The kitten was estimated to be six weeks old, but just half the size for his age.

He was underdeveloped with folded ears, bendy wrists and short and stout legs. The kitten came with a host of health issues and was in need of specialized care. Despite all the odds stacked up against him, he was resilient and determined to live.

Gabi Campoy, a veterinarian and volunteer of Seattle Area Feline Rescue, didn’t hesitate to take him in.

Amy Mills @mamy.marie

“I receive a lot of challenging fosters, specially kittens, for being a volunteer vet, but with him, it was love at first sight,” Gabi told Love Meow.

The kitten named Teapot underwent treatments to fight pneumonia, stomach issues and other ailments. After several days of oxygen therapy, the kitten began to breathe easier, eat a lot better, and even tried to play.

Seattle Area Feline Rescue

While he was putting on weight, he was busy honing his pouncing skills with his new-found strength. Despite being barely one pound, he was a fierce warrior to be reckoned with.

Once he got better and ready to meet other feline friends, Scarecrow, the 18-year-old resident cat (who is also a rescue), took the little one under his wing and started caring for him like his own.

Seattle Area Feline Rescue

Teapot nuzzled into his fluffy coat and melted into his arms. “We call Scarecrow the ‘Grandpa’. He took to the kitten in a very sweet and caring way, gently grooming him.”

After getting the kitten’s lab results, they were able to diagnose him with congenital hypothyroidism, which is a rare condition in cats.

Gabi @teapot.cat

Teapot was put on appropriate medication to treat his symptoms. Meanwhile, the Grandpa cat was showering him with undivided attention and unconditional love.

The kitten was thrilled to have another cat to teach him the ways and show him the ropes.

Gabi @teapot.cat

He was getting stronger and more coordinated by the day and starting to learn to climb ramps and make real jumps.

Watch Teapot and his journey in this video:

Teapot the kitten


The kitten had Grandpa Scarecrow wrapped around his tiny paws. Knowing that it would mean a life-time commitment to ensure his quality of life, Gabi officially adopted Teapot after six weeks of fostering.

Gabi @teapot.cat

“I want to give him the best opportunity to thrive as a healthy and happy kitten,” Gabi shared with Love Meow.

“With time, Grandpa and Teapot became snuggle buddies, and now, they love to play together and hang out. Playing tag or cuddling on the electric blanket are their favorites.”

Gabi @teapot.cat

The little wonder cat doesn’t let anything slow him down. He wants to be out and about all the time, being the true adventurer that he is.

Grandpa Scarecrow is always near, watching over him and making sure he stays out of trouble and is always kept clean and groomed.

Gabi @teapot.cat

With tender loving care from his family, Teapot has made great strides with his mobility, and turned into quite the love-bug.

“Teapot is a very sweet and cuddly boy. He wouldn’t have made it through pneumonia, constipation, hypothyroidism and so on without a fierce will to live.”

Gabi @teapot.cat

At about four months old, Teapot has reached the two pound mark. He is still itty bitty sized, but his personality is larger-than-life.

The kitten will need special care for the rest of his life. His family is fully equipped and ready to provide whatever he needs to thrive.

Amy @mamy.marie

The palm-sized kitten came to his foster home and eventually made it forever. Since then, he’s brought so much joy to the family and never ceased to surprise people with what he is capable of.

Gabi @teapot.cat

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