A kitten who was found all alone, is so happy to have a foster family to cater to his every need.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

A week ago, Laura Malone, director of Mini Cat Town, picked up a kitten from a local shelter, who was in need of foster care. The tiny panther kitty had been brought in as a singleton, with no information on the whereabouts of his mom.

Knowing that the kitten would benefit from being in a foster home, Mini Cat Town (a cat rescue in San Jose, California) didn’t hesitate to help.

Soon after he arrived, he came out of his shell, ate to his heart’s content and curled up in Laura’s arms for a nice nap. It was as if he knew that he was in good hands.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

“He’s already eating canned food quite well on his own and seems very content. Sometimes, orphaned kittens can be really vocal, but he’s been very quiet and calm,” Laura shared with Love Meow.

After getting all cleaned up, the kitten checked out his new digs with a full belly. They named him Koda (Bear) after an animated character from Brother Bear.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

With a comfortable room to nestle in and plenty of attention within reach, Koda quickly discovered his playful side and his rumbling purr motor.

Whenever it’s time to recharge, he crawls into his human’s arms, stretches his paws in a kneading motion, and purrs himself to sleep.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

There are many beds in the room for him to choose, but Koda’s favorites are his humans’ arms and laps.

As a singleton, the kitten is adamant about having a constant companion. He is so happy to be in a home environment where he gets doted on, on demand.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

A few days into foster care, the kitten hit a milestone and officially joined the one-pound club.

He was so proud that he fiercely dragged the tissue paper off the scale with his mouth and wrestled it using his micro claws.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

Koda has a way of captivating people’s hearts. He insists on being on a warm lap after every meal or play session, and won’t take no for an answer.

Watch Koda the kitten in this cute video:

Koda the kitten


When he spots Foster Dad, a cuddle is in order. The little guy is on a mission to win over every heart he comes across.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

Koda has a special blanket that he naps with at night, and it will accompany him everywhere he goes. His foster family has gifted him a bunny toy to play-fight with.

“Singletons can be a little bitey since they don’t have siblings to play with. I try to distract Koda with stuffed animals. I pretend they are other cats so he can wrestle them.”

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

Laura hopes to introduce him to other foster kittens his age when they are medically clear to meet. As of now, Koda has his foster parents wrapped around his fingertips.

He has turned into a full-fledged lap kitty and quite the purr machine.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

Koda is starting to explore around his playpen, practicing his pouncing skills and trying to be a stealthy cat.

Despite still building his leg muscles, Koda tries to climb whatever he can lay his paws on. He still has a lot of growing to do, but his personality is coming out strong.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

The little panther kitty is thriving and happy to have a foster family that adores him to bits. He looks at them with those big doe eyes that no one can say no to.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

It’s been about a week since Koda was rescued, the kitten has grown in size and fluff along with his emerging personality.

Koda struts around the house, showing off his newly acquired mane.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

He may not be the most vocal kitten, but Koda gives the most convincing look on his face whenever he wants something from his humans.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

Koda Bear is loving his VIP life and blossoming into the sweetest cuddle-bug.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

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