A little tabby kitten insists on being the center of attention after he was brought back from the brink.

Patricia Lika

Earlier in the fall, two orphaned kittens were brought to a shelter in Las Vegas, needing rescue. They were found in poor shape and couldn’t eat due to having sores in their mouths. Patricia Lika, an experienced fosterer, received a plea for help for the kittens.

She didn’t hesitate to take them in, knowing that their chance of survival depended on critical care. The kittens came with a host of health issues and were started on medications and syringe feedings. They stayed in an incubator which kept them warm and comfy.

Despite having all the odds against them, the tiny bundles of fur fought hard to live.

Patricia Lika

The tabby named Hampton was a little warrior from the start. He would cry for constant attention and prefer being carried around in a pouch by his foster mom.

“He quickly started gaining weight and really perked up,” Patricia shared with Love Meow.

Patricia Lika

While his brother Hudson needed more time to heal, the tabby boy bounced back and put his vocal ability to good use.

Whenever Patricia walked into the foster room, Hampton would meow ever so desperately, vying to be the first to be fed and doted on. “I always have a full on conversation with the babies,” Patricia added.

Patricia Lika

With the right meds and painstaking care, little Hampton was thriving and getting chonkier by the day. His energy rubbed off on his brother who made incredible strides after several days of round-the-clock care.

As soon as they graduated into a playpen, little Hampton made it his mission to hog Foster Mom’s attention at every chance he got.

Patricia Lika

Despite being old enough to be weaned, the sweet tabby insisted on having bottle time with his foster mom — it made him the happiest kitty in the world.

After every meal, he would curl up in his human’s arms for some intense snuggles. “He is a mama’s boy, big time. Even when Hampton is not eating, he is nursing on the bottle and enjoying his mama time.”

Patricia Lika

When the tabby boy finally decided to eat from a dish like a big kitty, it made everyone so proud.

Hampton constantly seeks the company of his foster mom and is an avid lap cat. He likes being held or cradled like a baby, so he can feel her closeness. “If that’s what my baby wants, that’s what my baby gets.”

Patricia Lika

Hampton has discovered his playful side and begun an expedition around his room. He’s always on the lookout for more fun toys to play with and new things to inspect. Hudson the little brother looks up to him and follows in his paw-steps.

“They’re so happy, playful and both little cuddle bugs,” Patricia shared with Love Meow.

Patricia Lika

The fearless little tabby wants nothing more than snuggling with his favorite person. He will grab her leg and bear hug it or rub his face against hers — it is his love language.

Patricia Lika

The tiny tabby has blossomed into a gorgeous young cat, but some things never change. He still adores lap time with his humans and enjoys following them everywhere they go.

In a few weeks, the two brothers will be ready to look for a forever home.

Patricia Lika

“With all odds against them, they are thriving and living their best life. This is what fostering is all about.”

Patricia Lika

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