Saying goodbye is hard.

Kerry Washington is mourning the loss of her “partner” and “fur baby companion girl”, Josie.

The Scandal actress shared the sad news on Instagram saying “Last night Josie crossed over and transitioned into a world beyond this one. And a piece of my heart went with her.”

Photo: Instagram/Kerry Washington

The Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix opened Washington’s eyes and heart to unconditional love and is something she will never forget.

“I didn’t grow up with a dog. I wasn’t aware of what this kind of love could look like or feel like. I didn’t understand how it would change me and transform my life. To say that Josie was a member of our family doesn’t even come close,” she wrote in an emotional tribute to her beloved dog.

Photo: Instagram/Kerry Washington

“She went places with me and experienced things that no one else ever did or ever will. She was a witness to my life and to my journey and me to hers. My heart unfolded when I met her and she will always live in the very fabric of my being.”

Photo: Instagram/Kerry Washington

The little dog was often seen on set of Scandal with Washington and will be dearly missed. “She brought so much joy into our home and into our lives and into the lives of almost everyone she met.”

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She thanked God for bringing the sweet girl into her life and said she felt blessed for all the time she had with her.

Photo: Instagram/Kerry Washington

In honor of Josie, Washington plans on donating to Wags and Walks Rescue, a dog rescue in Los Angeles.

She ended the heartfelt post with, “We adore you Josephine Baker Washington Asomugha.”

Thousands of people sent their condolences.

Actress Debra Messing wrote, “There really is no way to describe that kind of connection. I’m so so sorry Kerry. My Laila will welcome her and show her around. Sending ❤.”

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