The other day, artist Jeff Kennedy posted the Retro Fly template art on his Facebook page that he created years ago while on his Drawing Flies 365 bender.  I thought it would be neat to get take on what inspired it and I don’t think either of us anticipated all the different places over the world that the Retro Fly would pop up when he said that I could use the design as a logo for The Fiberglass Manifesto.  
I have long appreciated his generosity in being able to use this piece of art over the years and want to say thank you again.


Jeff wrote…  “I am a product of the 60’s and 70″s. No internet. No computers. Do not get the wrong impression, I am not a Luddite. Actually quite the opposite. I rely on my computer, 32” Wacom Cintiq Pro drawing display and an iPad with Procreate as drawing tools professionally and for fun. But there was something tactile when I was a draftsman using the non-digital tools of the trade. A plethora of ellipse and circle guides, french curves, Ames lettering guide, triangles, and Kohinoor drawing pens are still some of my favorite go-to tools that reside in my taboret alongside my Mayline drafting board. 
The Retro Fly drawing template was born out of my love of traditional drafting tools. If you have ever owned a set of circle or ellipse templates, they have a certain smell. That smell brings back memories of being on the drafting board, eraser shavings, pumice bags, and ink-stained fingers. An experience that engages many senses. I relish the days of shutting down the computer and breaking out the traditional tools and creating. It can lead you down some memorable paths.
When Cam approached me about using the Retro Fly on his T.F.M. signature gear, I was delighted! It has been great to see the fly reproduced on outerwear, buffs, koozies, stickers, and even etched on Abel Nippers. My other favorite application was the Retro Fly SeaDek patch. I have one stuck on the rower’s box of my boat. I am always excited to see what application will come up with next!”
Jeff’s not updating it anymore but the Drawing Flies 365 website is a neat look back at these many pieces of art.  The Drawing Flies 365 book is still available as well for purchase.   

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