20 golden retrievers recently found loving forever homes after being rescued from meat markets last year.

Golden Rescue South Florida has been working to help golden retrievers in need find homes, and they’ve successfully adopted out over 2,000 dogs. However, they usually work exclusively with dogs in their local area of South Florida.

When a plea came in to help 20 golden retrievers from outside of South Florida who were taken from meat markets, they couldn’t resist and agreed to help. In December of 2020, they shared on Twitter that they’d successfully welcomed all 20 dogs into the safety of their rescue.

Photo: Twitter/GoldenRescue

They said, “Yesterday Flight #159 safely arrived, giving these precious babies the best Christmas gift of all – a warm home and a second chance! We hope everyone is settling in well after yesterday’s busy day! Congratulations Pups!”

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After making the decision to rescue the pups, there was a long road to safely bringing them over to South Florida. According to WSVN, the rescue coordinator, Kristine Menerva, said, “With the help of the Taiwan [Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals], PETA, the China rescue that we’ve been working with, TCA, another organization in Chicago, we all came together and the dogs were fed, and they were given water and constantly 24-hour care while they were held up in their facility.”


It took six months of work, but the dogs finally made it to the safety of the Golden Rescue South Florida. Once they arrived, the mission of finding each dog a home began and they feared it could be challenging.

Thankfully, after just a few months, every rescued golden retriever had found a new home with a family in Florida.

One of the dog’s new owners shared with ABC15, “You just know that you are giving them such a much better life and a much better experience than they would have had.”

Photo: PublicDomainPictures.net

The vice president of Golden Rescue South Flordia told the news station, “Their lives change 180 degrees from being tortured and horrifyingly treated and abandoned and abused and neglected to being loved and adored.”

The rescue’s efforts are so incredible and the people involved are truly heroes. Until people choose to eat less meat, animals will need heroes like them to step in and rescue them from meat markets and farms.

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