Winslow is a Louisiana shelter dog who loves to bathe in the sun and greet his fellow shelter pets. These include Karma, a playful and affectionate dog who loves going on walks, Nila, a sweet and spunky chihuahua mix, and Charley, an adorable puppy who can’t wait to find his own home.

But Winslow, Karma, Nila, and Charlie are in danger each day they stay in Louisiana, where overcrowded, underfunded shelters leave homeless dogs and cats at constant risk of euthanasia.

Winslow, Charlie, and Karma are flying on our May 17 Flight to Freedom. Photo: Acadiana Animal Aid

These risks only grow in the spring and summer months, when Louisiana’s marshy wilds pose a constant threat of heartworm infection. Meanwhile, kitten season packs overflowing shelters with even more animals in need.

This shelter crisis led Greater Good Charities, the Animal Rescue Site, and Freekibble to resume our Flights to Freedom, which fly at-risk shelter pets from the South, where shelter pets remain at risk of euthanasia, to safety and adoption on the East Coast.

Photo: Greater Good Charities

Along with giving dogs and cats a second chance at life, Flights to Freedom — which are operated by Greater Good’s Good Flights — transports at-risk animals to regions where demand for adoption is high. Within days of boarding our freedom flights, these rescued pets will be adopted into loving homes.

Our May 17 flight will include a mix of cats and dogs. Photo: St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter/Cara’s House

On May 17, our next Flight to Freedom will fly from New Orleans, LA, to Morristown, NJ, with 120 at-risk shelter dogs and cats on board.

In addition to saving dogs like Winslow, Karma, Nila, and Charlie, our May 17 flight will also include feline passengers like Bob and Meow, two rescued cats desperate to find their own homes. After the plane lands in New Jersey, these lucky pet travelers will be transported to local shelters for adoption.

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But we can’t fly all these at-risk shelter pets to safety without your help! Flights to Freedom are funded by reader donations, which means we need your support to fly Louisiana shelter pets to new lives in New Jersey.

Nila, LilJack, and Lazzo are also flying to safety and adoption. Photo: Acadiana Animal Aid

Just $5 helps us fund 125 air miles for an at-risk shelter pet traveling on our May 17 Flight to Freedom. Can you make a donation to help us give needy animals a second chance at life?

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