A family brought a kitten home to foster, but their cats and dogs took him under their wing.

One Cat at a Time

Early this year, a tiny gray kitten was rescued by a Good Samaritan when she found him from an online post. He was all alone and desperately needed rescue.

Un Chat à la fois (One Cat at a Time), a volunteer-run cat rescue in Quebec, Canada, didn’t hesitate to take him in. The kitten named Félix was estimated to be around five weeks old. “He had a belly full of worms, and that’s why he was so tiny for his age,” Marie Simard, founder of One Cat at a Time, told Love Meow.

He came with a host of health issues and started to get really frail and sick soon after he arrived. Meg, a volunteer of the rescue stepped in to help, so Félix could began his healing process in the comfort of a loving home.

One Cat at a Time

Meg has a full house of animals — dogs, cats, rats and even chickens in the yard. A couple of months before they found Félix, one of her dogs, Chucky, sadly passed away. Casper the pup, Chucky’s best friend, was heartbroken.

Then, Félix stepped paw into the house and just felt right at home. He immediately exuded such confidence and blended into the big family with flying colors.

One Cat at a Time

Within a short period of time, they noticed the chemistry between the new kitten and Casper — the sweet pup was instantly smitten with his tiny feline friend.

When Casper met Félix, the two buddies quickly connected. They started to cuddle, play with each other and share a bed at night.

One Cat at a Time

Félix would wrestle with Casper’s tail and nibble on his ears and toes. “Casper loves it and will let him do whatever he wants to him,” Marie told Love Meow.

“Casper was becoming attached to Félix. He had lost his morning play-fight partner and his bed time cuddle buddy, but it wasn’t long until Félix took that spot.”

One Cat at a Time

The rest of the furry crew also took the little newcomer under their wing. The resident cats showed him the ropes and let him nuzzle up to them whenever he needed a cuddle.

Félix was friendly to everyone he came across and quickly became an integral part of the family.

One Cat at a Time

Runty the tabby became Félix’s mentor, teaching the youngster how to be a proper cat and letting him wrap his arms around him whenever he wanted.

“Félix is always running around and makes the cutest meows when he’s over excited. He’s not afraid of anything,” Meg said.

One Cat at a Time

Gunner, the sweet 7-year-old canine, was so happy to share a blanket with this little feline buddy.

When it came time to find Félix a place of his own, they knew that the kitten had already found it.

One Cat at a Time

“Félix was officially adopted by his foster family. Everyone knew he was part of the family since day one,” Marie shared with Love Meow.

The tiny bundle of fluff liked to follow Trunks (the cat) around the kitchen then. Months later, some things never change.

One Cat at a Time

Félix has blossomed into a handsome young cat with so much love to give.

“He is the perfect friendly cat. When people come over, Félix will gladly greet visitors with his little smile!”

One Cat at a Time

Zelda the 8-year-old cat enjoys snuggle time with the youngest member of the family.

One Cat at a Time

Every night, Félix and his best friend Casper crawl under the sheets, telling each other bedtime stories.

One Cat at a Time

At nine months old, Félix is all grown up and always wears an adorable smile on his face.

One Cat at a Time

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