RECYCLED WADERS – The Making of the T.F.M. Zippered Stash Bags

I guess it was a couple of months ago now that I was left home alone for the weekend.  I decided to take advantage of the time and did a deep dive into the gear closet working on getting rid of quite a few things that needed new homes.  During this cleanse, I came across three old pairs of waders that either failed or had enough history of falls, scrapes, or leaks to not trust on my next trip.  I tossed them in the corner and continued working.

It had been awhile since I had last talked to Patrick Jenkins of Recycled Waders but didn’t want to toss the waders without talking with him first to see if he wanted them.  I sent a text and he answered back with his mailing address and asked if I wanted to do use them for some sort of collaboration.  That spurred a … Read the rest

T.F.M. PATCHED CAPS UPDATE – They Have Arrived!!!

Folks, my “desk area”, which is really like half of the great room of our home right now, is a complete mess with two very large boxes full of T.F.M. patched caps from Asheville Promo, two boxes of Retro Fly koozies, shipping supplies, more shipping supplies, a large box full of Retro Fly golf tees, and a batch of T.F.M. decals should arrive tomorrow which will then mean that I can then start packaging up orders. 

So far, my family is being patient about this mess but that could all (quickly) change…

If you placed an order for a T.F.M. patched cap, they are here and will ship sometime later this week.  It’s spring break for our children, my dad is coming down to golf with us for a few days, and I figure that I’ll work through packaging orders while watching The Masters Tournament each afternoon.
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THE MODERN FLY – An Interview with Artist Jerry Tanner

I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve last mentioned Jerry Tanner and his artwork with The Modern Fly.  Months ago, I asked Jerry if he’d answer a few questions for a interview on T.F.M. and then his answer back was more or less was lost in my inbox. 

From the first time that I first saw his artwork, I was struck by the fun and freestyle of his interpretation of flies that I have in my own fly boxes.  I enjoyed reading his story and hope that you will as well.  I figured a Sunday morning was a good time to get this interview published and thank Jerry for his time with his thoughtful answers.

What was your first exposure to art and your realization that you could tap into it?

Thank you for inviting me to your interview, Cameron. Great first question! Coincidentally, my wife and I were

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T.F.M. Caps Pre-Order Update & Superfine Outfit Giveaway Teaser

First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s reached out and placed a pre-order for the Comrade and Retro Fly patched caps.  Honestly, all these pre-orders are making this project a reality.  
I still have some space to take a few more dozen orders if you are interested but will soon be sending the order off to the shop.  We’re still waiting for the woven labels and patches to arrive but need to get all the caps ordered so we’re ready to put all the pieces together.

I’m hoping that everything will be in motion by the end of the month and that I’ll be shipping ordered caps out in early April to everyone who’s placed a pre-order.  I’ll keep posting progress on this as it goes along and won’t ask for payment until your order is ready to ship.  Sound fair? 

Second, as I
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YAMAME FLY RODS – 5th Anniversary Fly Rod Blank Offerings

It’s been really neat to see the list of Fiberglass Fly Rod Shops continue to grow over the years and for many of these builders, their following amongst anglers continues to grow as well.  Because of this, they continue to come up with new offerings which is exciting as well. 

Nico Vreugdenhil of Yamame Fly Rods is celebrating the 5th anniversary of his shop in Holland and has unveiled a handful of new blanks which are being rolled for him to his specifications by the McFarland Rod Company

I reached out to Nico and asked if he’d provide some information about these new blanks that are offered and he shared some notes along with saying that due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are a lot of restrictions for him but he’s still able to continue building fly rods in his shop.


THE PURE – 6’6″ 1/2-Weight
“This is
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T.F.M. Patched Caps Pre-Order & Orvis Superfine Glass Giveaway

For years, T.F.M. readers have asked for a brimmed cap and I’ve held off until I could find the right one.  I’ve been looking for a cap that would appeal to most everyone in looks and fit but also be comfortable with the durability to last.  I believe I’ve found it with these poly quick-dry with nylon mesh hats, and matched with the two-inch Comrade and Retro Fly patches, they look damn sharp.  You can keep the brim flat or give it a bend to your liking.

I’ve been wearing these “prototype caps” in the photo below over the past couple months and I’m really impressed.  I believe you will be too.

The process of getting this order off the ground is in motion.  More Comrade and Retro Fly patches are on order and the woven “GLASS IS NOT DEAD” labels are in the works as well which will be … Read the rest


Over the last year, we’ve all had to get really good at navigating life through the coronavirus pandemic and the folks at the Fly Fishing Film Tour, along with the many filmmakers featured within this year’s show, have been working hard behind the scenes to make this all happen.

The virtual event is just a few weeks out and the stoke reel was released yesterday to get everyone excited about the 2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour that you’ll be able to watch from the comfort of your easy chair.

From the Fly Fishing Film Tour presser… 

“The cast was on point, the hook set was good, the fight was tense, and now… the 15th annual Fly Fishing Film Tour is almost in hand. Featuring exclusive films from the Guyana rainforest to Utah’s Flaming Gorge and beyond, we’ll tell the stories from fun loving steelhead die-hards to Russian oligarchs and Read the rest

BEN’S OF HOLLAND – New Translucent Amber S-Glass Blank Series

I would have thought that we would have gotten to some sort of end of the road with contemporary glass where there just wasn’t new things.  Instead, new ideas, new blanks, new fly rods, new sourcing, and new collaborations continue to abound.
Yesterday, I received an email from Benno Bron of Ben’s of Holland with an announcement of a new series of Translucent Amber S-Glass Blanks that are available through his shop and for customers in the U.S.A., these blanks can be purchased through Graywolf Rods.
Benno is very much into light line glass fly rods and I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback for those who have one of his fly rods or builds on his blanks. 

The 7′ three-weight in this series in five-piece has my eye and $155 certainly isn’t too much to pay for a blank with this much thought and experience behind it.

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MCCALL ANGLER – A Different Kind of ‘Fly Fishing Guide School’

Have you ever thought of becoming a fly fishing guide?  Are you leaving college soon and thinking about the few decades of your life?  Maybe you’ve lived work life in a cubicle and the pandemic has you rethinking what you want to do going forward?  Maybe it’s time for a change.  Or maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t know how to do it.  
Think of this as a small group experience to teach you everything that you need to know to begin a career in guiding with instructors with decades of experience.  Scroll down to read more… 

 From the McCall Angler’s presser…

“The best fly fishing guides, the ones that really rise to the top, are the ones that can acknowledge their client’s expectations, the daily conditions and adjust accordingly, on the fly. They
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STRUBLE – A New Beginning and How They Got There

The name Struble should resonate to everyone from hobby fly rod builders, custom builders, and to long standing fly rod companies. They have been on the map for decades and what began in 1974 with Glenn Struble, and continued with Jeffery Pentecost, is now in new hands with Steven Van Winkle (who you may know from Shopkeeper Fly Rods) and his partner, John Smith.

As I was putting this T.F.M. post together, I asked Steven if he had a shop photograph of he and John together and he responded back that “Everything has been such a whirlwind and we’ve known each other forever, I guess we never even thought to take a picture yet.”  

I guess that’s a good place to be at when you’ve taken over a heritage shop with a longstanding history of excellence and many exciting developments to come in the future. 

There’s a lot … Read the rest