Man Rescued Kitten Found Frozen to Truck and Came Back to Make Her Dream Come True

A man rescued a tiny stray kitten from a tough situation and came back to make her dream come true.

Dumb Friends League

A man was at a tire shop in Commerce City, Colorado on Oct. 26, when he heard a kitten’s cries coming from a parked truck nearby. The weather was piercingly cold at 19-degrees (Fahrenheit).

As he traced the sound of distress, he was surprised to discover a tabby kitten stuck to the side of a tire from the semi-trailer. The little stray must have tried to seek warmth from the harsh weather and found herself trapped in a difficult situation.

Her paws were frozen to the metal side of the tire and she was struggling to free herself. The man sprang into action and began to find a way to safely remove the kitten from the predicament.

“The first step was figuring out how to free the … Read the rest

14 Year Old Shelter Cat Found Perfect Companion to Spend Golden Years with – They Both Needed Each Other

14-year-old shelter cat found the perfect companion to spend his golden years with. He brought not only smiles but something really special to his forever human.

Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control

A 14-year-old gray cat was brought to Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control (in Maryland) early this May. The older cat was very friendly and gentle to every staff member and volunteer he came across. All he wanted was a friend to spend time with.

The shelter was able to arrange a foster home for the sweet senior (named LL Cool J), so he could stay in a quiet and comfortable environment while he waited for the right family to come along.

“He loves to be petted and meows as soon as he knows you’re nearby,” his Animal Care and Control foster shared. “He craves attention, head butting, and still has a lot of love to … Read the rest

15-year-old Cat Walks Up to Kind Neighbor for Help After Being Left Outside

A cat walked up to a kind neighbor for help after she was left outside at almost 15 years old.

Denah of Friends for Life Rescue Network

Addie, the cat-loving German Shepherd, has been an admirer of Trixie, the Abyssinian cat, that lived on the street behind her house. “Trixie was an indoor cat that my dog loved through a window for years,” Denah, Addie’s owner, told Love Meow.

Last Monday, Denah was surprised to learn that Trixie was found wandering outside all alone. Her next-door neighbor recognized the cat and had her returned to the owner.

The next day at the crack of dawn, Denah took her dog out on a walk when Addie alerted her about something under a car. “It was Trixie. I called to her and she walked right up to me even with Addie crying to be with her.”

Addie the German ShepherdDenah Read the rest

Nearly Identical Kittens Never Leave Each Other's Side After Being Rescued Together

A pair of bonded kittens insisted on staying together after being rescued.

Earlier this summer, a litter of kittens was brought to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Arlington, Virginia for a chance at a better life. Volunteers at their Kitten College program worked tirelessly around the clock to care for them.

Two smaller litter mates were in need of extra attention. Lauren Strycula, a foster volunteer of the rescue, stepped in to help and brought them home.

The little bundles of fur huddled up, keeping each other comforted for the first few days. They were so tiny and fragile and had a few health issues to battle. Jace, the little brother, had a rough start and took a while to figure out how to eat from a bottle. Jackie, the sister, would wriggle up to his side to keep him company.

Lauren @our_fostering_tails

With meds and painstaking … Read the rest

Wobbly Kitten Insists on Giving Other Cats Hugs After He was Rescued

A wobbly kitten came to a veterinary clinic for a chance at a better life. He started giving everyone cuddles, especially his feline friends.

Ellen Carozza @thecatlvt

A tiny kitten was brought to Animal Welfare League of Arlington, in need of foster care. While being cared for at their Kitten College program, they noticed that he had difficulty eating, staying upright and wasn’t gaining weight at the rate that he should.

They immediately reached out to Nova Cat Clinic (in Arlington, Virginia) as they have a program, Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Fund, that provides help to kittens in critical condition.

“We did our basic intake exam and lab work and noticed he had a small systemic infection which our veterinarians prescribed antibiotics for,” Ellen Carozza, a Feline Licensed Veterinary Technician at Nova Cat Clinic, told Love Meow.

They named the little guy Quark after the subatomic particle in … Read the rest

Cat and Her Overly Attached Kitten Hope for Home Together After Life on the Streets

A cat was found in a driveway along with her kittens. One of her babies was especially attached to her.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

A calico cat had been roaming the streets in a Los Angeles neighborhood for quite some time until she was spotted in a driveway with her kittens. Kind neighbors tried to care for them but soon realized that they needed a safer place to stay.

Wrenn Rescues (in Southern California) was contacted, and their foster volunteer, Jen Marder, immediately opened her home to the feline family. “The kittens were 3.5 weeks old and very small and skinny for their age, but they were super alert and active,” Jen shared with Love Meow.

The doting cat mom started caring for her kittens right after they settled into their new abode. She was so happy to have a roof over their heads, and her purrs reverberated throughout the … Read the rest

Kitten Found in a Field Cuddles Young Man and Insists On Staying with Him

A kitten who was found in a field, snuggled up to a young man and wouldn’t let go.

Sunny @iamchimera407

Malia from New York was at Co-Op City Field in the Bronx for her son’s baseball game when she heard commotion from a crowd. A litter of kittens were found huddled up together in the field.

The kittens were covered in filth and just skin and bones. There was no sign of a mother cat, so Malia contacted Sunny, a local animal rescuer, for help. “She and her husband rushed the little ones over to me. My son (CJ Sung) and I took them in and bathed and bottle-fed all of them,” Sunny told Love Meow.

The kittens were around three weeks old and needed round-the-clock care. In just one day, they began to perk up. One of them quickly stood out.

Sunny @iamchimera407

The chimera tortie instantly took … Read the rest

Kitten Found Family of Her Dreams After Having Her Life Turned Around

A kitten who came from a rough beginning, blossomed into a happy, cuddly, rambunctious young cat.

Newt the kitten was three weeks old when she was brought to the municipal shelter in Las Vegas. Her eyes were crusted shut, and her left eye was severely infected. She was very tiny, sick and frail, and was given a grim prognosis by the vet.

Despite all the odds against her, the kitten showed no sign of giving up. When a shelter employee tried to feed her, she gulped down the formula with all her might. They immediately reached out to Nikki Martinez, an experienced fosterer for Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas, and asked if she could help.

“I could tell immediately that she had an incredible will to live,” Nikki told Love Meow. “I didn’t know what her future would hold, but I was going to give her a fighting … Read the rest

Kitten Stays Close to Her Shy Brother and Helps Him Thrive

A kitten stayed close to her shy brother and helped him thrive throughout their foster journey.

Jan @kittygarden626

Fig and Plum, brother and sister kittens, came to the ASPCA in Los Angeles for a chance at a better life. They were both battling an upper respiratory infection and in need of lots of TLC.

Plum, the braver of the two, huddled up to her shy brother, who had a severely infected eye, and tried to comfort him. Jan, a foster volunteer of ASPCA, took them in so they could start their healing process in the comfort of a loving home.

“They were pretty shy when I first got them, though they let me pick them up to wipe their faces and give them medicine,” Jan told Love Meow. “Fig loves to cuddle with his sister. He started out a bit small for his age but had a good appetite … Read the rest

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