Dog Sleeping Positions And What They Mean

Are you a side sleeper or a back sleeper?

Just like humans, dogs sleep in a variety of positions but usually have a favorite. Some prefer to sleep on their sides, others curled in a ball, and some with their paws in the air. There are 7 common sleeping positions with each meaning something different.

Your dog’s favorite sleeping position can give you insight into how they are feeling and their personality. Learn more about each position below.

Lion Pose

Photo: Pixabay

While this may sound like a yoga move, it actually means the dog is just resting with his head on his paws and is not in a deep sleep. Dogs who often sleep this way are protective. They can jump up at a moment’s notice from this position.

Side Sleeper

Photo: Pixabay

This is one of the most common positions. Lying on their sides with their legs stretched … Read the rest

Breaking! Beyond Meat & JUST Egg Partner With Peet’s Coffee To Launch The All Vegan ‘Everything Plant-Based Sandwich’ Throughout The United States

Photo from Peet’s Coffee

Yesterday, Peet’s Coffee, together with Beyond Meat and JUST Egg, announced the launch of the Everything Plant-Based Sandwich as part of its 2021 Spring menu, harnessing the plant-based movement. The fully vegan twist on a traditional breakfast sandwich, which boasts 21 grams of protein, is now available at participating Peet’s coffee bars throughout the United States.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Beyond Meat and JUST Egg to bring Peetniks a delicious breakfast sandwich made with all plant-based ingredients,” Lori Fulmer, Senior Food R&D Manager of Peet’s, said in a statement. “As consumers continue to demand more plant-based options, we have expanded beyond alternative dairy, setting our sights on a plant-based breakfast sandwich that is not only better for the planet, but also every bite as delicious as your typical animal-based breakfast sandwich.”

The plant-based food market is booming. With 79% of millennial consumers

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Abandoned Dog Meets 11-Year-Old Boy Who Helped Save Him

Helping out a stranger in a moment of need is one of the best things a person can do. That kindness can echo out into the world and have lasting ramifications. For one boy and his parents in Louisville, KY, the aid they were able to give saved not only one dog’s life, but could be the spark that saves many more.

It all started with a simple case of right place, right time. On January 29th, Tatum Henderson and his parents were dropping off a donation of stuffed toys to the Kentucky Humane Society. The 11-year-old loves dogs and was excited to make a small difference in their lives. Then, the family was faced with a chance to do much, much more.

In the Humane Society’s parking lot laid an injured, starving dog who the Hendersons initially took for dead. They rushed to his side, fearing the worst. When … Read the rest

Breaking! Shocking Undercover Investigation Inside Harris Beef Slaughterhouse That Supplies Meat To Costco

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) investigators recently obtained graphic hidden-camera footage that was taken inside Harris Beef in Selma, California. The shocking video reveals how cows are systematically restrained and killed with a slice to the throat while fully conscious. Workers then administer a bolt gun shot to the forehead to incapacitate the animals before the butchery process begins.

Harris Beef is the meat processing plant for the infamous Harris Ranch, the largest feedlot on the west coast, which is a site, and particularly a smell, etched into the memory of millions of travelers on California’s Interstate 5. Notably, it’s also a beef supplier to the big box titan Costco, which was also criticized in light of a grizzly exposé last month, which revealed the conditions behind the company’s signature $4.99 rotisserie chicken.

The first footage from inside the facility to be released publicly reveals practices which investigators claim fall well-short

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‘Empty The Tanks’ Movement To Ban Dolphin Breeding For Water Park Entertainment Sees Major Victory In Australia

As we grow to learn more about the natural world around us, humans must engage in the uncomfortable process of soul searching. Unfortunately, the history of humans and animals has long been one of cruel exploitation, environmental damage, and general indifference.

In light of this greater context, we are beginning to change the way we look at the animal world. One issue that has become more pressing over time is the treatment of dolphins and other marine life for entertainment at water parks across the world.

Audiences have long delighted at the visual spectacle of dolphins, killer whales, and more, during water shows and at parks like SeaWorld. However, a growing backlash has pointed out the exploitative and abusive practices in the industry. Documentaries such as Blackfish and the work of activist groups has shown that, far from being the chipper companions that they’ve been sold as, dolphins and other … Read the rest

Take Action To Protest The Reopening Of A Notorious Toronto Slaughterhouse Previously Ordered To Close Due To E-Coli Contamination

Toronto’s most infamous slaughterhouse, Ryding Regency Meat Packers, which was ordered to permanently close in 2019 due to e-coli contamination, shockingly reopened yesterday under new management.

The slaughterhouse, now named Tru Harvest Meats, opened its doors once again at the same location to kill 83,200 cows and baby calves per year. Sadly, the majority of the mother cows are pregnant at the time of slaughter.

Activists from Toronto Pig Save and Toronto Cow Save held joint actions yesterday outside the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) offices in Toronto at midday, and held a cow vigil outside Tru Harvest Meats from 1:30pm to 3pm to protest this egregious atrocity and demand the license for Tru Harvest be withdrawn.

“We need to stop reopening this or any other slaughterhouse in Toronto. The previous slaughterhouse was shut down for E-Coli contaminated cow flesh and for lying to the Canadian food inspectors with false

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These Dogs Stole The Show At The Golden Globe Awards

Most years, celebrities and their accomplishments are highlighted during the Golden Globe Awards. But this year, adorable dogs swooped in and stole the show. After the year we had in 2020, I think it’s safe to say we could all use more dogs in 2021.

While some people may be talking about the award winners, like Chad Boseman and Andra Day, we’re equally excited to talk about the pups that showed up to steal the hearts of viewers.

If you watched the awards for yourself, you may have noticed some pups in the background, like Regina King’s dog Cornbread, or Jodie Foster’s pet who went with her to claim her win!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In case you don’t want to re-watch the whole event just to pinpoint the pups, we’ve compiled some of the best dog moments from the 2021 Golden Globe Awards. Check them out below:

Jodie Foster celebrates Read the rest

Rare Mekong River Irrawaddy Dolphins Are Nearly Extinct, But There Is Hope

The small freshwater Mekong River Irrawaddy dolphins are noted for their uniquely shaped round heads and short dorsal fins. They are like no other dolphin on Earth, and could soon be extinct. In fact, only about 89 of these animals remain alive, living in an 118-mile stretch of the Mekong River between Cambodia and Laos.

Though their entire species is contained in a single pinpoint on a map of the world, these dolphins are still facing threats from human activity.

Source: Adobe Stock/isuaneye
Irrawaddy dolphins are found in the Mekong River between Laos and Cambodia.

According to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, Irrawaddy dolphins are most commonly threatened by gill nets, development of upstream dams, overfishing, and illegal fishing practices.

The IUCN also maintains that gill net entanglement is the main cause of adult mortality, but polluted waters have caused far more insidious problems for the dolphins.

Irrawaddy dolphins are commonly killed by gill nets.
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World Animal News TOP Stories Making Headlines

1. WAN Talks With World-Renowned Scientist Dr. Reese Halter About The Controversial Wolf Hunt That Happened Last Week In Wisconsin & How To End It

Tragically, last week, hundreds of gray wolves in Wisconsin became prey to greedy and callous hunters in the state’s first wolf hunt in seven years. The abhorrent and senselessly cruel hunt ran through Sunday or until hunters hit their ‘kill limit’ of 200 innocent lives, which sadly happened early this year.

The controversial hunt was ordered to take place after a Jefferson County Circuit Court decided last week that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources violated state law by refusing to schedule a winter 2021 gray wolf hunt when the gray wolf was delisted from the Endangered Species Act by the Trump administration on January 4, 2021.

WAN had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Reese Halter, a world-renowned scientist and eco-stress physiologist specializing

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Clever Cat Opens Sliding Glass Door To Let The Dogs In

Who runs the world? I’ll give you a hint – contrary to Beyonce’s words, it’s not girls. And it’s not boys either. It’s actually cats.

Go to any home around the world where cats reside and you will see that cats are the ones running the whole show. I’ve been around cats all my life, and they definitely are far more crafty and quick-witted than we give them credit for – traits that they use to their full advantage.

Take Buster, for example. This adorable cat knows how to open doors, a skill that he uses to his full advantage. It would seem that his intelligence has made him the pack leader of the dogs in his home since they rely on his smarts to get them out of a sticky situation.

When the tiny Yorkies got themselves locked out, it is Buster who steps in and saves the day. … Read the rest