47 Cats and Kittens Rescued From Hoarding Situation In Santa Cruz Are Looking For Forever Homes

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter is an open door shelter that never turns away a pet in need. Even if that means taking in 47 cats and kittens at the start of kitten season.

The shelter recently rescued 47 cats and kittens from a hoarding situation. They received a tip that roughly 50 cats were living in poor conditions in a small RV. The owner surrendered all the felines and the shelter is now looking for loving forever homes.

Photo: Facebook/Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter

“These cats did not get the resources they needed in their previous home. We are looking for patient, caring adopters to give these kitties a great second chance at life. Adopters will need to be patient in socialization as these cats did not get a lot of that in their previous home,” wrote the shelter.

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World Animal News TOP Stories Making Headlines

1. Rest In Peace Rory Young, Co-Founder and CEO of Chengeta Wildlife

Statement from Chengeta Wildlife:

It is with deepest sorrow and regret that Chengeta Wildlife confirms the death of Rory Young, our co-founder and CEO.

Rory was leading a wildlife protection patrol in Arly National Park, Burkina Faso, on April 26, 2021, when they were attacked by terrorists which resulted in his death and that of two Spanish journalists who were capturing his efforts to protect precious wildlife.

WAN & Peace 4 Animals sends our deepest condolences, love, and healing to Rory’s family and the families of the two journalists who have passed. May justice be served!

2. Rest In Peace Dr. Elliot Katz, Founder Of Animal Welfare Organization ‘In Defense Of Animals’

Dr. Elliot Katz, D.V.M., Founder of In Defense of Animals, one of the nation’s foremost animal advocacy organizations, passed away on March 24, 2021, at

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Nice American Pit Bull Heroes Throughout Historical past

As a animal lover, no downside is too extraordinary in terms of keeping your canine or cat secure and effectively. In addition to showcasing the UK’s hottest breeds, the Kennel Club highlighted which breeds is perhaps beneath risk of dying out. The Nice Dane is without doubt one of the tallest dog breeds on the earth. Whereas having a big dog has its benefits, it additionally has its drawbacks. Huge canines are susceptible to health points reminiscent of hip dysplasia. They will additionally overpower younger children and even small adults. Do not make the mistake of assume that the majority small canines do not need quite a lot of train, as a result of usually they do. Small canine still need a fair quantity of exercise to do away with some of their power and hold them from being damaging. Some small dogs are surprisingly tiny, the smallest dog in … Read the rest

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I need to start my article with one peculiar query – If you had been elevating your kids, did you employ a playpen? Though the worm is a parasite of canines it may be very harmful to people. The life cycle of the hydatid tapeworm is printed beneath. Poodles aren’t simply frequent champions at the prestigious Westminster Canine Present — they’re also the sixth hottest breed in America. These crates are light-weight enough to take wherever and are easy to assemble. Extra breeds with multiple report embrace Afghan Hound, Australian Cattle Canine, Beagle, Belgian Tervueren, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, Bull Terrier, Chihuahua, Dalmatian, English Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, Flat-coated Retriever, French Bulldog, Gordon Setter, Hound (unspecified), Irish Setter, Irish Comfortable-Coated Wheaten Terrier, Jack Russel Terrier, Maltese, Miniature Schnauzer, Previous English Sheepdog, Pomeranian, Portuguese Water Canine, Pug, Retriever (unspecified), Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler, Rough-haired Collie, Saluki, Samoyed, Schnauzer (unspecified), Shepherd (unspecified), … Read the rest

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In case you are a canine proprietor and also you discover a really repulsive odor in your dog’s breath, the best thing to do is to carry him to a veterinarian. German Shepherd Dogs – German Shepherd Canines had been initially bred in Germany in the course of the late 1800s. The German Shepherd Canine is a large canine breed. The breed is mostly obedient and clever which causes them to be utilized by many police and army organizations world wide. German Shepherds are lively and onerous working canines. If your canine has a digestive dysfunction, you may examine his or her microbiome to wholesome canines and canines with related situations. This info might be useful to determine which interventions (weight loss plan, antibiotics, steroids, fecal transplants , and so forth.) will help provide the best care on your dog, so she or he can have a happy and lengthy … Read the rest

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Canines identical to us humans can get sunburned as well. The pug is the definition of a companion canine. They are daring little canine who present loads of fun and leisure. They aren’t very athletic and generally get pleasure from being given attention and spending time enjoying. Pugs tend to take to each other with kids and different dogs and don’t need an excessive amount of exercise. Bred to be desirous to please and playful companions, Labs are good and generally chosen as information dogs and service canines for blind or autistic individuals. With a sliding bolt door latch for optimal safety, and nearer bars along the bottom of the crate to maintain your canine’s paws safe, the Amazon Primary Canine Crate works nicely for small and medium dog breeds. Its design is manufactured from sturdy steel wire that is easy to fold flat. This canine crate is offered with … Read the rest

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Guarding is an instinctual habits for dogs. As soon as properly skilled your dog will love his canine crate and can spend time there voluntarily. It is not uncommon to train your dog to run into it’s dog cage with a simple voice command. Say “Go to Place” or “Go Residence” when placing your dog into it’s dog cage. After some time you will be able to say it and your canine will go working into it canine cage. Walking your canine is the easiest method to maintain it wholesome. A ten – 15 minute walk round a nearby park or your neighborhood can help a canine relax earlier than bedtime or be an incredible begin to a day. Swimming is also a enjoyable, straightforward technique to get your dog out and energetic through the summer season months. If your canine is social, contemplate taking them to a canine park … Read the rest

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WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: An animal rescue group has copped a tonne of criticism” for posting photos of a dog who suffered horrific abuse as a result of individuals believed his image had been photoshopped. CVCA will repeat collection of urine, blood, and feces at 1 to 2 months, and at 6 months after the initial diagnosis and document any treatment or dietary modifications, if any, that have been advisable by the cardiologist. The repeat urine and blood samples will probably be examined for amino acid content material and the feces archived. On the 6-month recheck, CVCA will also conduct a repeat echocardiogram to evaluate any adjustments to the center. As of April 30, 2019, CVCA and Vet-LIRN have collected initial samples from 14 canines, and 1 to 2-month samples from 10 canines. CVCA is at present accumulating the 6-month samples. We also mentioned that grains shouldn’t be excluded out … Read the rest

Canine Aging Undertaking Longer, Healthier Lives. Together.

Proudly owning a dog is a wonderful thing. Domestic canines’ digestive systems have developed and are higher at dealing with grains than their wild ancestors however for some animals complicated carbohydrates should be problematic. Requiring fermentation to break them down, grains can dangle round in the intestine for quite a while and will harm the lining of the digestive tract. In case your canine is vomiting, develops rashes, skin irritations or excessive flatulence or experiences diarrhoea then it could be affected by an intolerance to grains. You’ll be able to’t see them, however you understand they’re there. Micro organism are all around and inside your canine’s body (and yours as well). Do not panic! The vast majority of bacteria on earth are both innocent or useful for people and their companions. In reality, scientists are simply beginning to find that micro organism actually play very important roles in shaping many … Read the rest

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Canine breeders, cat breeders, horse breeders or breeders of any animals are actually able to make the most of the technological advancements of the Web. The Full Shih Tzu Info Center isn’t a website that impresses with a wonderful design nevertheless it definitely lives as much as its name. There you can find every thing you should know about your Shih Tzu canine and find out how to correctly take care of them. Some of the many points of curiosity on the location embrace the Shih Tzu’s description, historical past and customary, their well being and care requirements, their persona and training tips, grooming and feeding recommendation, house training tips, as well as general issues such as really useful breeders and books, and provides and present concepts. In the event you suspect your canine has ingested a meals or non-food item containing xylitol, contact your veterinarian or the Pet Poison … Read the rest