47 Cats and Kittens Rescued From Hoarding Situation In Santa Cruz Are Looking For Forever Homes

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter is an open door shelter that never turns away a pet in need. Even if that means taking in 47 cats and kittens at the start of kitten season.

The shelter recently rescued 47 cats and kittens from a hoarding situation. They received a tip that roughly 50 cats were living in poor conditions in a small RV. The owner surrendered all the felines and the shelter is now looking for loving forever homes.

Photo: Facebook/Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter

“These cats did not get the resources they needed in their previous home. We are looking for patient, caring adopters to give these kitties a great second chance at life. Adopters will need to be patient in socialization as these cats did not get a lot of that in their previous home,” wrote the shelter.

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Statement from Chengeta Wildlife:

It is with deepest sorrow and regret that Chengeta Wildlife confirms the death of Rory Young, our co-founder and CEO.

Rory was leading a wildlife protection patrol in Arly National Park, Burkina Faso, on April 26, 2021, when they were attacked by terrorists which resulted in his death and that of two Spanish journalists who were capturing his efforts to protect precious wildlife.

WAN & Peace 4 Animals sends our deepest condolences, love, and healing to Rory’s family and the families of the two journalists who have passed. May justice be served!

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Canines identified for his or her faithfulness are kept as pets by people. Lots of house owners tend to choose both one or the opposite, having a particular choice for small or massive canines. Some owners enjoy having canines of all different sizes, however many find one particular measurement suits their way of life finest. There are benefits and downsides to having massive canines vs small dogs. In case you are trying to decide what measurement canine can be finest for you, then listed below are some of the fundamental advantages and downsides to giant and small dogs. Pastoral dog breeds are generally very intelligent and require a large amount of exercise. They have been bred to work for hours rounding up livestock, so that they have glorious endurance. Due to this fact they have a lot of vitality to burn and want a whole lot of train off the … Read the rest

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Many of us canine house owners get actually amazed to see our canine scratching away to glory in spite of the truth that there may be not a single flea on its body! Crate coaching is critical beginning with small increments of 5 to 10 minutes when starting off, and always rewarding with a deal with. Canine need to walk around and stretch their muscle tissues. They should be socialized and be round different folks and pets. They also do effectively with loads of out of doors exercise like lengthy hikes, swimming, and canine sports. Understand that a tired dog that’s nicely-exercised can have less behavioral issues than a canine that isn’t exercised or that lacks socialization. When you’re in a position to close the door, experiment with lengthier crate classes. In the beginning, five minutes is likely to be her restrict. That’s fantastic. It’s also high quality if her … Read the rest

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Melena is the number one reason for dog health problems bloody stool points. Communicating along with your dog the wrong manner is without doubt one of the most common roadblocks to profitable training. Many people make the error of speaking to our canine as if the canine were human, as a substitute of canines. Many individuals actually spoil their canine. As with kids, puppies and dogs need lots of steerage to learn the way they fit in with the remainder of the family and how one can behave correctly. If you haven’t already learned from a very good canine coaching book or video program easy methods to properly go about coaching your dog, it is rather probably that you’ll have a wide range of dog training issues. The most popular canine breed within the U.S. , the Labrador retriever is named for the chilly waters off Newfoundland the place they … Read the rest

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With frequent use, a metal wire canine crate will develop into dirty, just like another kind of canine crate. Many people can’t resist the charming enchantment of the Dalmatian. However, what they do not realise is it is a canine that was bred to run. They used to run behind carts for hours on finish. For those who get a Dalmatian they are going to need two lengthy walks a day. Additionally they make excellent running partners. As dog lovers, we all have our favorite breeds. Our preferences are usually guided by our upbringing or experiences with sure dogs – a few of us could have blissful reminiscences of the Golden Retriever we owned as a child, or maybe we’ve spent our grownup lives round working breeds utilized in police work. We’ve all come to appreciate the amazing ways our canine associates can enhance our lives. The Dalmatian is very … Read the rest

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There are over a hundred acknowledged canine breeds world wide. When it comes time for play, the crate opens up into a wood pet gate you need to use to close off doorways or open areas. With its solid wood veneer, this model appears to be like attractive both as a crate and a gate. Dry dog food often is available in luggage that are easy to take from one place to a different. If you’re going away for a few days you can merely measure the quantity you want. My dog Jazzy loves this model of pet food, and she’s been really wholesome on it ever since she began consuming it. She has numerous digestive issues, so it was laborious finding the proper one for her, but Zignature suits the bill completely for her. Thank you a lot for making this for my doggo. At Pet House, we offer … Read the rest

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Plenty of unwanted behaviors might be eliminated by providing your dog with a safe and comfy crate as well as training him to make use of it often. Go for dog crates which might be plastic, and that are sturdy for canine that endure from separation nervousness. The plastic must be a premium material with side vents comprised of metallic. Doors needs to be bolstered metal wire. Seek the advice of with your veterinarian for treatment. Separation anxiety is difficult for a dog to maintain experiencing. A positive canine trainer may even have the ability to help. Separation anxiety by no means simply goes away, except it is addressed immediately and labored by way of with a coach. To train my canines to urinate outside, I began right from day one when they were first introduced into the house. Placed on their lead (which additionally gets them used to that) … Read the rest

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A yearly visit to the vet is a must for a wholesome canine. July 2010 my dachshund all of a sudden was having bother respiration. He gave the impression of he had a cold. My veterinarian was on vacation and as with most pet owners of pedigrees, I was uncomfortable taking him to at least one that did not know his well being historical past since delivery. Also known as canine tracheobronchitis, kennel cough is a highly contagious and infectious illness. It is transmitted via the air, often in areas where there’s a dense inhabitants of canines reminiscent of a kennel or a show. The therapy for kennel cough is normally administered as a nasal spray, although there is an injection out there for canines who discover it extremely uncomfortable. Bathing is another important step in making sure your pet is groomed correctly. Bathing a cat is a vital cat … Read the rest

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Crate coaching is likely one of the most widely used types of dog conduct coaching in America and in many nations. The Mastiff is among the heaviest canine on the earth, weighing as much as a hefty a hundred and ten kilograms. Mastiffs had been used by the Romans as preventing canine, because of their fearsome measurement, appearance and strength. They virtually turned extinct after the second world struggle, however numbers have steadily increased since then. In the present day they are typically bred as guard canines, however they can also make wonderful household pets. Males can reach up to 75 centimetres high and stay for around 10 years. They are very clever canines that have very strong pure guarding instincts. In the event you do not mind a bit of excessive maintenance with regards to brushing and bathing, Charlie Brown’s greatest friend is an ideal dog for households with … Read the rest