Born Free USA Launches New Campaign To End Cruel & Indiscriminate Trapping Of Animals On Public Land

Photo from Trap Free Montana

Born Free USA has launched a new campaign, #TrapFreeTrailsto call for an end to the barbaric practice of trapping animals on public lands, including national wildlife refuges, national parks, and natural preserves.

The National Wildlife Refuge System was established by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 and now encompasses 567 refuges, as well as 38 wetlands management districts. Together, they include 95 million acres of land. Within the system, more than 296 threatened and endangered species are conserved across 356 of the individual refuges.

According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, the National Wildlife Refuge System was established “to conserve America’s wild animals and plants,” and to “provide enjoyment and beauty” to the millions of people who visit these lands each year. With more than 2,500 miles of land and water trails, these refuges are popular destinations for walkers, many of whom are

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‘Male’ Octopus Surprised Keepers After Having 10000 Babies

One would think that researchers at the University would know their stuff, but there are times when even they can be stopped. This became evident when a common octopus was acquired by the University of Georgia’s Marine Education Center and Aquarium. They thought that they were getting a male octopus and even named it Octavius. It seemed as if he was curious about the world around him, including what was on the other side of the glass.

One day, Octavius disappeared from sight and hid out for the majority of the day. That is when Devin Dumont, the aquarium curator discovered that there were thousands of very tiny particles floating in the aquarium.

He said: “I noticed this cloud of moving dots and I realized, ‘Oh my God, she had babies. There are babies. There are babies everywhere,” according to Savannah Now. He then said that there was somewhat … Read the rest

WAN Exclusive With Wildlife Care Of Southern California After Another Bobcat Dies Of Rodenticide Poisoning, More Reasons Why You Should Never Use Rat Poison

Photos from: Wildlife Care of Southern California

Many threats are currently facing wildlife throughout the U.S. including the devastating wildfires currently burning in California, Oregon, and Washington. Other threats, such as poisoning by rodenticides, are not as talked about but are negatively impacting the survival of many species.

Sadly, this invisible and silent killer claimed the life of yet another wild animal this week; a bobcat suffering from mange after most-likely ingesting a poisoned rodent. 

It is excruciating for the poor animal and senseless! 

WAN talked exclusively with Anna Marie Reams, the Founder and Executive Director of Wildlife Care of Southern California, about the emaciated bobcat that she recently rescued (pictured above) from the Topanga Mountains and tried to save.

In a heart-wrenching social media post, Reams, who specializes in working with coyotes and the more-elusive bobcats who have mange due to rat poision, explained that she did not want

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Rare ‘Spirit Bear’ Makes An Appearance In The Pacific Northwest

A video of a unique pale bear has been drawing attention on social media. Originally posted to Reddit by u/unnaturalorder with the title “A beautiful Spirit bear walking along a river in the Pacific Northwest,” some have suggested this could be an albino black bear, or perhaps even a hybrid “Grolar Bear” or “Prizzly.”

Hogwash, according to Redditor u/fariomurtado.

Source: Reddit/u/unnaturalorder
The “Spirit Bear” makes its way out from under a log.

“They are not Albino. They are a Black Bear born with a recessive gene that causes this polymorphism in their coat,” commented fariomurtado. “They only exist in a very small section of Northwest British Columbia, Canada.

“Of all the Kermode population, only a small percentage are born fully white, known as the Spirit Bear. They are said to have a strong connection with the First Nations people.”

The bear is not albino, but rather a rare type of black bear with a recessive gene.

Source: Reddit/u/unnaturalorder
The bear is not albino, but rather a

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Breaking! Conserv Congo Rescues Baby Chimp In The DRC Resulting In Two Wildlife Traffickers Behind Bars

Conserv Congo carried out a sting operation this week where they rescued a baby chimpanzee from two wildlife traffickers on the outskirts of Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The operation was spearheaded by Conserv Congo and the Kinshasa Central Police, with the support of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and Sustainable Development, under the leadership of Claude Nyamugabo.

The traffickers were intercepted on a highway to Bandundu, where the transaction was planning to take place. Thankfully, the team was able to rescue the baby chimpanzee that was being sold for $2,500 USD. The rescued female chimp was no more than three months old.

Prior to the interception, Conserv Congo had been investigating the traffickers for over two years and discovered they are one of the leading trafficking gangs of great apes in Kinshasa. Sadly, 11 baby apes were sold in that period of time.

“It has

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After Town Was Ravaged By Wildfires, Police Rescue Cat, ‘Smokey,’ From The Flames

Like much of the west coast, Oregon state is being ravaged by wildfires, which have destroyed lives, towns, homes, land, and caused thousands of people and pets to flee. Fortunately, one calico cat, ‘Smokey,’ was rescued by police after becoming separated from its owners in the flames.

“This lucky little kitty was rescued from the Blue River area by an Oregon State Police Trooper who came across the cat in the aftermath of the Holiday Farm fire,” a wildfire information update on Facebook read. “The cat quickly became known as ‘Smokey’ and got a VIP ride in a Trooper car to the vet’s office. Thank you Oregon State Police for rescuing this cutie!”

But although Smokey escaped from the wildfire, the furry survivor didn’t evade this scary ordeal entirely unscathed. Photos show Smokey’s whiskers were singed by the flames, which – to a cat — are … Read the rest

Breaking! 351 Sea Turtles Found Dead Off The Coast Of Baja California Where 137 Sea Lions Perished Last Week

Photo by: Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental 

Environmental groups recently announced that a total of 351 loggerhead sea turtles have been found dead so far this year in the same area of Baja California coastline where authorities also found 137 dead, beached sea lions last week.

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) recorded 351 dead loggerhead turtles on San Lázaro beach in Baja California Sur. In addition, stranded sea lions have been found at the site.

In accordance with the provisions of the fishing refuge regulation, it is established that the allowable limit of turtles per year is 90 total. If this yellow turtle mortality limit is reached, commercial fishing with gillnets, falsework or longlines must be suspended for the rest of the year.

Given the situation, Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental together with the Center for Biological Diversity, are asking Mexico’s National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission (Conapesca) to

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Days After Shelter Break-In, 4th Missing Dog Finally Turns Up Safe

Rescuers were heartbroken when Boomer, a 2-year-old German Shepherd, was stolen with 3 other dogs from a Virginia shelter. Naturally, there’s never a good time for a dog to be stolen, but Boomer had just been diagnosed with a deadly condition that required urgent medical care. The timing of this particular dog-napping just couldn’t be worse.

Vets had recently discovered Boomer had a very serious case of heartworms. “Our hearts sank when his test came back quickly with a strong positive,” shelter staff wrote on Facebook after his diagnoses. “This one to two-year-old is infected with deadly heartworms growing in his heart and lungs. We are devastated for him.”

But before the dog could begin treatment, Boomer became the first of 4 dogs bizarrely stolen by thieves who broke into the Virginia shelter. Three of the stolen dogs would later turn up … Read the rest

Urgent Call To Action To Help Save 450 Dying Tule Elk In The Bay Area That Are Being Deprived Of Water By Ranchers

In Defense of Animals, ForELK, TreeSpirit Project, Rancho Compasión and 50 concerned local citizens produced an eye-catching piece of artwork pictured below at Point Reyes National Seashore on Sunday, September 13th, in an effort to free trapped Tule elk. The world’s largest remaining herd of the rare California native species are fenced in and dying at a compound amid conditions of drought and nearby wildfires which have created a choking haze of smoke across the entire West Coast.

The National Park Service (NPS) has repeatedly refused to intervene to ensure more lives are not lost, prompting local activists to deliver water to the elk. Tragically, between 2012 and 2014, 254 Tule elk out of a herd of 542 died from lack of access to adequate water and forage.

“The growing number of dead Tule elk has many local people extremely concerned,” said Fleur Dawes, of In Defense of

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Watch The Incredible Miracle Of Birth From Inside A Kangaroo’s Pouch

Unless you are a doctor on the obstetrics floor or a tireless field veterinarian, it’s likely not every day you get to see the miracle of birth take place. Thanks to the clever camerawork of the Animal Adventures team, you don’t have to be.

Using a special camera that takes advantage of the unique gestational arrangement of the world’s bounciest marsupials, this team was able to record a joey growing inside its mother’s pouch.

Ababy kangaroo is born completely hairless, shiny and pink after just 33 days in the womb. From then on, the mother kangaroo’s pouch acts as a second womb to keep the joey safe as it grows.

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