Kitten with Big Voice and Personality Reunited with Siblings After Being Found Alone

A tiny kitten with a big personality was reunited with her siblings after she was found alone.

Sarah @kellyfosterkittens

Sparkle Cat Rescue (based in North Carolina) took in a tuxedo kitten who was in need of foster care. She was a firecracker from the start. Despite being so small, she had a fierce and big personality.

She would meow at the top of her lungs and was quite sassy and hissy at the beginning. “It is normal for kittens to hiss at unfamiliar odors as their sense of smell is developing. She tells it exactly like she sees it,” Sarah Kelly, a foster volunteer of the rescue, shared.

The fearless tuxedo, Rita (short for Margarita), was just a few weeks old. She didn’t hold back and continued to voice her many opinions throughout her ride home.

“She’s feisty, loud, and every bit as cute as she looks.”

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Kitten Left Behind in Flowerpot, Bounces Back on Her Paws and Blossoms Through Kindness of People

A palm-sized kitten was found left behind in a flowerpot. She bounced back and began to thrive with the help of kind people.

Little Wanderers NYC

Little Wanderers NYC, an all-volunteer rescue based in New York, received an urgent request (in late December) about a newborn kitten needing rescue. “The neonate was left in a potted plant in the entryway of a resident’s home in Woodhaven, Queens,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

The kind person who found the kitten, looked around the area but couldn’t locate the cat mom or other kittens. Olivia, the database manager of Little Wanderers, sprang into action and rushed to get the kitten into the care of an experienced bottle feeder.

The kitten hadn’t been cleaned by the mother, which led rescuers to believe that she left the baby right after birth and never returned. “We’ve named this little survivor Tiny Tim (at the time … Read the rest

Kitten Discovered Hiding Under Porch, Found His Courage Through Another Cat that Needed a Friend

A kitten who was rescued from under a porch, found his courage with the help of another cat who needed a buddy.

Dorset Rescue Kittens

A short-haired tabby was found under a porch in Dorset, Ontario, Canada. Some Good Samaritans heard his cries and located him under the stairs.

The kitten was very afraid of people but so hungry that he couldn’t resist the food that he was offered. His finders were able to secure him and bring him to their local rescue, Dorset Rescue Kittens, for help.

The little tabby named Scruffy was very scared and tried to hide and avoid human contact. He was taken into foster care, bidding farewell to life on the streets. He would no longer have to scrounge around for food or spend another day outside.

Dorset Rescue Kittens

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Cat So Happy to Be Reunited with Her Only Kitten After She Was Brought Back from the Brink

A tabby cat is so happy to be reunited with her only kitten after she was brought back from the brink.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

A pregnant cat found herself in a difficult situation when her family no longer wanted her. A 12-year-old girl saw what happened and offered to take the cat, so she wouldn’t end up on the streets in the middle of winter. With the help of a neighbor, they were able to find a rescue to take her in.

The tabby cat was about 1-2 years old and heavily pregnant. Sylvie, a volunteer of Chatons Orphelins Montréal (a cat rescue in Montreal, Canada), responded to their plea and immediately drove to pick up the cat.

The sweet feline named Gisel quickly warmed up to her Foster Mom Stef when she realized that she was safe.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

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Kitten with Rare Condition Strives to Grow Big and Strong and Won't Let Anything Slow Him Down

A little tuxedo kitten who was born with a rare condition, is determined to grow big and strong.

The Mad Catters @madcattersinc

The Mad Catters, a foster-based animal rescue charity, took in a pregnant young cat about five months ago. She was rescued in the nick of time before her babies were born.

With the help of volunteers at The Mad Catters, the cat mom had her precious kittens in a safe and comfortable environment. Her loving foster family was there to provide the assistance that she desperately needed.

“She was far too young to be having babies of her own. As a result of her size, age, and nutrition, all but one of her babies came out just a little bit different,” the rescue shared.

The Mad Catters @madcattersinc

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Kitten Born in Shelter as Only Baby, Learns to Be a Cat with Help from a Former Foster

Pua the kitten was born as the only baby. Now, he is learning to be a cat with the help of a former foster.

A Bigger Purpose Kitten Rescue

A pregnant cat was rescued from a hoarding situation and brought to a shelter in New Jersey two months ago. She gave birth to a single kitten in the middle of January and was in need of help.

Riley, the founder of A Bigger Purpose Kitten Rescue in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, took the mother and son into her care. The momma cat, Moana, was unsocialized and very fearful of people. To help her decompress, they provided a quiet place for the duo and plenty of food for the mom.

With a comfortable room and good nutrition, Moana did a wonderful job nursing her only kitten, Pua.

A Bigger Purpose Kitten Rescue

When the ginger boy was 2 1/2 weeks old, the cat … Read the rest

Kitten with Big Eyes But Half the Size, Clings to Family that Saved His Life and Transforms into Gorgeous Cat

A family gave a pint-sized kitten a fighting chance and turned his life around.

Beth @the_kitten_guinness

Beth, a foster volunteer of Kitty Kottage, was notified about a 99-gram kitten needing help. When she saw the little ball of fur, she was surprised by how small he was.

Despite being three weeks old, the kitten was just the size of a newborn. He had been rejected by his mother due to his health, and was in desperate need of bottle feedings and someone to love.

“He was a fighter since he had survived three weeks in the condition he was in,” Beth shared with Love Meow. His eyes were crusted shut when they got him. “I didn’t know if he’d be able to see.”

Beth @the_kitten_guinness

The kitten whom they named Guinness, had trouble eating from a bottle or syringe, and had to be fed in drips for the first … Read the rest

Cat with Airplane Ears Showed Up in Backyard, Now Cares for Every Foster Kitten that Comes Through the Door

A cat wandered to the right home after roaming the streets. Now, he helps every foster kitten that comes through the door.


Jen, a foster volunteer of Jin’s Bottle Babies (a kitten rescue in Arizona), noticed an orange tabby in her backyard about three years ago. She began caring for him and later had him neutered and vetted.

The cat named Romeo showed up with ears that were flatten out to the side as a result of ear mite damage. Though his ears healed up, the scars left him with a permanent “airplane-eared” look.

Jen looked after him along with other community cats. “He wagged his tail more like a dog and his flat ears confused other cats to think that he was angry,” Jen told Love Meow.


Romeo didn’t have a mean bone in his body and just wanted to get along. When other cats … Read the rest

Kitten Found in Window Well Wins Over Family that Saved Him, and Blossoms into Beautiful Cat

A kitten won over the person who saved his life and blossomed into a beautiful tuxedo cat.

Alyssa Masten

Cloud the tuxedo was two weeks old when he was found in a window well along with his siblings. They were brought to Anderson Animal Shelter in Illinois, needing round-the-clock bottle feedings and a lot of TLC.

Alyssa Masten, a foster volunteer, received a call from the shelter and didn’t hesitate to take in the feline crew. Cloud was the most observant and quietest of the bunch.

“While his litter mates would fight to be the first ones to eat, he was patient and waited his turn,” Alyssa shared with Love Meow.

Alyssa Masten

A couple of weeks after arrival, Cloud started to show symptoms of having a host of health issues. He was put on subcutaneous fluids, probiotics, prescription foods, and medications twice a day.

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Kitten with Sweet Face is Given Fighting Chance and Determined to Thrive and Live Full Life

A kitten with a sweet face and a strong will to live was given a fighting chance. He is determined to thrive and live a full life.

Audrey @adventuresfoster

Muppet the kitten was born with deformities on his face (including a cleft palate, a cleft lip) and hydrocephalus. He was in need of specialized care and someone who would take a chance on him. Despite being a bit different, he showed incredible resolve from the start.

Audrey, a fosterer of Murphy’s Safe Haven (an animal rescue in Edinburg, Texas), saw the plea about the little tuxedo and immediately offered to help. “Kittens like him can live long healthy lives if they are with the correct person that will give them a chance,” Audrey shared with Love Meow.

While she was on the phone with another volunteer who was picking up the kitten, she heard a strong, loud meow in the … Read the rest