Kitten with 'Funnel Chest' is Half the Size But Has Brave Endearing Personality

A kitten with a congenital condition is just half of weight he should be. But what he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality.

Tiny Tim the kittenSheets Pet Clinic

Tiny Tim the kitten was brought into the foster/adoption program at Sheets Pet Clinic (an animal hospital and spay-neuter clinic in North Carolina) because he had a chest bone deformity and needed specialized medical attention.

“He was one of the eight kittens born to a very young mom. The people who found his mom and siblings thought he was the runt and wasn’t growing,” Sarah Hodges at Sheets Pet Clinic shared with Love Meow.

Tiny Tim is eight weeks old weighing only 13 ounces, with the body of a 4-week-old kitten. He has been diagnosed with pectus excavatum (also called funnel chest), a condition in which the breastbone sinks into the chest.

pectus excavatum, special needs kitten
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Kitten with 3 Paws and Strong Mind Rebounds from the Brink and Shows Everyone What He Can Do

A kitten came into a rescue with just three paws, but he showed an amazing fighting spirit.

tripod kitten
Flex the tabby kittenJin’s Bottle Babies

A two-day old kitten was brought to a local shelter in Phoenix, Arizona, in need of help. He was missing a paw as one of his hind legs was found tangled in straw.

The shelter didn’t have the resources to keep the kitten, so volunteers sent out a plea for help. “I saw a post on Facebook calling for a rescue to pull the kitten from the shelter,” Shelbi Uyehara, founder of Jin’s Bottle Babies, told Love Meow.

She dropped everything and rushed to pick up the kitten. After an hour drive to the shelter, the tabby was brought to safety just in time.

Jin’s Bottle Babies

“He was in really bad shape when we first got him. By the time I got him back home, … Read the rest

Twin Kittens So Thrilled to Have Comfy Place to Stay They Thrive into Happy Ginger Cats

Twin kittens are so thrilled to have a comfy place to stay after being rescued from a tough situation.

twin kittens, orange tabby kittens
Frances and Johnny the twin kittensLori @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

Two orange tabbies found themselves at a rural shelter in southern Indiana, in need of rescue. The facility didn’t have the space or resources to keep them, and that’s when ARPO, an animal rescue in Indianapolis, stepped in to help.

“A wonderful lady saved them and took care of them for a few days until they could hitch a ride in transport to make their way to us,” Lori White, a foster volunteer of ARPO, shared with Love Meow.

The feline siblings named Frances and Johnny were very underweight and had upper respiratory infections. Despite it all, they were so happy to be in a home environment and have someone to cater to them.

Ginger kittens arrived at rescueLori @dreaming_of_foster_kittens

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Kitten Carries Her Lamb Wherever She Goes After Being Brought into Foster Alone

A kitten adores her cuddle lamb and insists on carrying it with her wherever she goes.

kitten cuddling lamb
Matilda Beans and her cuddle lambAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

Earlier this year, Wrenn Rescues (in California) took in a litter of kittens in need of medical attention. The runt of the litter, Matilda Beans, was very frail and struggling with an upper respiratory infection.

“Everyone else improved, but she only got sicker until it got to a really critical point. I have ICU equipment at my house, so it was decided that she should come to my house to get through her sickness,” Ashley Kelley, a fosterer who specializes in neonatal and special needs kittens, told Love Meow.

As it turned out, the tabby was battling a host of health issues including a severe case of pneumonia. Despite the grim prognosis from the vets, the kitten held on with all her might, and Ashley knew … Read the rest

Kitten with Magnificent Whiskers Brought Back from the Street and Melts Everyone's Heart

A kitten had her life turned around when a couple took her in along with her brother so they could thrive together.

tuxedo kitten, amazing whiskers
Leia the kitten with beautiful whiskersPatricia Lika

Two tiny week-old kittens were found in a neighborhood of Las Vegas without a mother in sight. They were brought to a local animal rescue, desperately needing foster care. Patricia Lika, an experienced kitten fosterer, stepped up to help when she saw the plea.

A few days later, Patricia noticed that the kittens were dealing with neonatal ophthalmia, an infection of the unopened eyes. She immediately started treating them with multiple daily warm compresses, eye medication and antibiotics. “This is the reality of kittens born in the streets in filthy environments to young moms or moms who had litter after litter,” Patricia shared with Love Meow.

The brother and sister duo (Grogu and Leia) cheered each other on in their … Read the rest

Kitten On His Own Until Cat Takes Him in and Makes Him Part of the Family

A kitten was found all alone but a cat took him in and made him part of her family.

cuddly cat family
Flavian the kitten cuddling with Eleni the catBest Friends Felines

A few weeks ago, a cat and her kittens were brought to an animal rescue, Best Friends Felines, for a chance at a better life.

“Eleni (the cat) was very scared of people when she first came into our care, but it only took her a few days, and she now purrs up a storm,” Nikki of Best Friends Felines shared with Love Meow.

The doting mom came out of her shell and even let her dedicated carers assist with her precious four. “As soon as we offer a pat, she starts purring. She is also very trusting.”

Siamese mix cat, mom cat and kitten
Eleni has four kittens of her ownBest Friends Felines

Around that time, a little 4-week-old singleton named Flavian arrived at the … Read the rest

Kitten Stands Like a Kangaroo, Determined to Thrive and Live Best Life

A kitten who stands like a little kangaroo, is determined to live life to the fullest.

twisted legs, kangaroo cat
Dove the kittenAngela

Earlier this year, a pregnant cat was brought to an animal shelter in California in need of help. Shortly after arrival, she went into labor and gave birth to five kittens. One of them was exceptionally small and had some deformity in her front legs.

“Shelter staff were not sure if the kitten would survive. Her twisted legs made it hard for her to defend herself. They were transported to Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals, and they came to my home,” Angela, a foster volunteer of the rescue, shared with Love Meow.

The runt of the litter, Dove, needed extra nursing time and lots of TLC. Angela made sure that the kitten had her mom to herself when her siblings were sleeping. “She began to grow steadily every day.”

She Read the rest

Kitten with Strong Will Transforms from Palm-sized Wonder to Sweetest Shoulder Cat

A kitten who was just the size of a palm, has transformed into the sweetest shoulder cat.

tiny kitten, small sized
Sara Tiedeman

A little grey kitten and her sister came to foster care when they were a couple of weeks old. Sara Tiedeman, a veterinary technician, stepped up to help when they were transferred to the rescue she works with.

The grey kitten was very underdeveloped and just skin and bones. Despite being so small, she showed an incredible will to live from the start.

“I had to tube-feed her for a couple of days before she could figure out how to latch,” Sara told Love Meow.

She was just palm-sized when she arrivedSara Tiedeman

Sara gave the kittens strong names, Wild (grey) and Brave (tabby), as a sign of strength. She fed them around the clock and provided supportive care throughout the day, giving them the best chance to thrive.

The … Read the rest

Kitten is So Happy to Walk and Run on All Four Paws for the First Time

A kitten who was born with twisted hind legs, is so happy to be able to walk and run on all fours.

twisted legs, orange tabby kitten
Rubbix the kittenChatons Orphelins Montréal

Rubbix, an orange kitten, was born with a pair of twisted back legs. A few weeks ago, he and his sister, Boo, were brought to Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a cat rescue in Montreal, Canada, for a chance at a better life.

“Rubbix’s hind legs were twisted at 180 degrees and his paws went the other way. He moved around using his front legs and back knees,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared with Love Meow.

Despite having the deformity in his legs, Rubbix didn’t seem to notice any difference. “At the clinic, all he wanted to do was play with feathers. He was so sweet and gentle.”

tabby kittens
Rubbix the orange kitten and his sister BooChatons Orphelins Montréal

He was an … Read the rest

Kitten with Charming Personality Wins Over a Family and Their Cats

A kitten with a big personality charmed his way into the hearts of a family and their cats.

teddy bear kitten, panther kitty
Koda the kittenLaura Malone

Earlier this year, Mini Cat Town, a cat rescue in San Jose, California, took in a little singleton who was in need of foster care. He was named Koda because he looked like a cute little bear.

“He was very content and happy, and he loved to cuddle,” Laura Malone, director of Mini Cat Town, shared with Love Meow.

Koda would alternate between playing and snuggling, always being on the lookout for attention. The little ball of fur was packed with energy and many adorable quirks. He was curious and adventurous, and had so much confidence in a tiny body.

bear kitten, fluffy black kitten
Laura Malone

The kitten quickly crawled his way into everyone’s lap. He loved when he was cradled like a baby, and would soak up the love and … Read the rest