13 Foods To Avoid Giving Your Dogs On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has arrived and this holiday may come with a number of unexpected issues. No, we are not talking about those pesky in-laws.

This year, we are expected to have smaller celebrations because of the ongoing pandemic, but we can celebrate within our households which means our dogs are still invited. Unfortunately, there are a number of dog owners who are unaware of some foods to avoid giving their dogs.

Dogs have a way of making us feel terrible for not sharing our food with them. When they do their cute little beggar routine, it is tempting to simply give them a bit of whatever we are having. However, there are a number of holiday foods that are simply not good for dogs. The American Kennel Club has prepared a helpful list for anyone who is looking to keep their pet safe this year.

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Breaking! Ricky Gervais Teams Up With In Defense Of Animals For Fur Free Friday; Calls For Saks & Neiman Marcus To Stop Selling Fur!

In Defense of Animals has joined forces with world-renowned animal advocate and comedian Ricky Gervais to educate shoppers about the true cost of fur and to encourage major retailers to ban fur sales for Fur Free Friday on November 27th.

In Defense of Animals has been fighting against the fur trade since the 80’s, and helped create the longest-running animal protection demonstration in the world. Fur Free Friday events take place every year on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. Animal advocates come together to help educate the public about the fur industry and the animals it harms in the wild and on fur farms. This important campaign calls for an end to the cruelty inherent in the fur industry.

This year, due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, In Defense of Animals has coordinated a virtual Fur Free Friday event with the help of comedian and animal

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Cat Showed Up at Family's Door and Asked to Be Let Inside After Spending Years on the Streets

An orange cat showed up outside a family’s home and asked for help. His life was forever changed.

One Cat At a Time

Jaelle from Quebec, Canada was surprised to find a cat in her backyard, scratching at the door, begging to be let in. She had never seen the cat until that day (Valentine’s day) last year, in the midst of the bitter Canadian winter.

Jaelle, who volunteers for One Cat At a Time, a kitten rescue in Quebec, immediately opened the door for the sweet feline. The orange tabby looked rough around the edges. He was cold, hungry and sick. Jaelle reached out to Marie Simard, founder of One Cat At a Time, and asked for help.

“Our rescue specializes in orphan kittens, but he was asking to be saved at the door and we couldn’t leave him outside,” Marie told Love Meow. “We tried to find … Read the rest

Photographer Captures Stunning Portraits Of Rare And Unique Birds

Birds are fascinating creatures with some beautiful plumage. It is no wonder that they are often favored subjects of nature photographers. For Tim Flach, a London-based photographer, birds are the perfect subject for him to capture unique and expressive personalities. He likes to photograph birds as his portrait subjects because they provide the viewers a glimpse into another world.

And some of his bird subjects aren’t your garden variety species either. Some of the birds that he has managed to capture are very rare and very beautiful species, such as the Peruvia Inca tern and the Toco toucan, also referred to as the giant toucan.

The photographer also happens to be quite fond of the Inca tern’s look which he refers to as the “Salvador Dalí of the bird world” with the feathered white mustache that runs across his face. Compared to this is the Toco toucan’s bold beak with … Read the rest

Breaking! New Report By Oceana Finds That Plastic Pollution Is Responsible For Entangling & Choking 1,800 Marine Animals In U.S. Waters

In a report released yesterday, Oceana reveals data on marine mammals and sea turtles becoming entangled and swallowing plastic off the coast of the United States. After surveying dozens of government agencies, organizations, and institutions that collect data on the impact of plastic on marine animals, Oceana found evidence of nearly 1,800 animals from 40 different species swallowing or becoming entangled in plastic since 2009.

Of those, a staggering 88% were species listed as endangered or threatened with extinction under the Endangered Species Act. Perhaps even more concerning, Oceana says that the animals reflected in this report are far fewer than the true number of sea turtles and marine mammals that consume or become entangled in plastic in U.S. waters.

“Before now, the evidence that many U.S. marine mammals and sea turtles were being harmed by plastic was not compiled in one place. While there may never be a complete

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Kitten with Big Eyes and Loud Voice is Determined to Thrive After Being Found on Top of Garden Wall

A kitten with large eyes and a big voice is determined to thrive after she was found on top of a garden wall.

Wrenn Rescues

A tiny kitten’s loud cries saved her life when a Good Samaritan was alerted by her screams and found her on top of a garden wall. They reached out to Wrenn Rescues, a volunteer-run rescue group in Southern California, when the kitten’s mother never came back for her.

The kitten was very hungry, meowing at the top of her lungs for food. The tiny ball of fur showed incredible resolve and strength at just a few days old. She had a strong voice that kept her going.

Ashley Kelley, an experienced fosterer of Wrenn Rescue, didn’t hesitate to help. “She’d been screaming all night (before she was rescued). She was very hungry. I was happy to take her in,” Ashley shared.

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Newborn Puppies Dropped Off At Library Now Looking For Forever Homes

A litter of newborn puppies dropped off at a library in Washington are now looking for homes.

The puppies were found when an animal control officer with the Hoquiam Police Department received a call from the local library, KIRO 7 reports. Someone had left the dogs in a box near the front door.

There were few clues that could possibly identify the individual or group who dropped the puppies off. At just a few days old, the puppies would surely have suffered had no one called animal control.

Source: Facebook/Harbor Rescue
A box of puppies was dropped off at the Hoquiam library in Washington.

The Harbor Rescue animal organization stepped up to take the puppies in and put the story out on social media.

“HEADS UP, Harbor Rescue Followers! We just got in 8 about 4 day old puppies and will need help with supplies and vetting funds,” the rescue … Read the rest

New Report Reveals USDA Is Failing The 9.6 Billion Turkeys & Chickens Who Are Killed At Slaughterhouses Each Year

The inadequate, haphazard oversight by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) of the treatment of chickens and turkeys at slaughterhouses has resulted in the widespread mistreatment and suffering of birds at some of the nation’s largest plants, with no real consequences for the meat companies, according to new research released on Friday by the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI).

AWI’s report reviews USDA inspection records from 2017 through 2019 at approximately 300 federally inspected turkey and chicken slaughter plants, which kill the vast majority of the 9.6 billion birds butchered every year for their meat.

The USDA has gradually increased the number of handling records issued for noncompliance with ‘good commercial practices’ (GCP) at chicken and turkey slaughter plants over the past 14 years. However, during the recent three-year period, inspectors took action to stop the abuse of birds in only 14% of the documented incidents.

Although the slaughter of

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Kittens So Happy to Have a Warm Place and Sweet Companion After Being Found in Cold Shed

Four little kittens can now rest happily in a warm home, accompanied by a snuggle buddy after being found outside in the cold.

Sarah Kelly

Sparkle Cat Rescue, an all-volunteer rescue in North Carolina, was contacted about a tiny kitten found on a resident’s property. The weather was too cold for the kitten to bear alone, so the finder reached out to the rescue for help.

“He was found by himself Monday evening (a week ago) and taken into the vet where they cared for him overnight,” the rescue shared with Love Meow.

While the resident continued to be on the lookout for other kittens, she heard little squeals coming from a shed the next day and discovered three other tabbies, litter mates to the first kitten. They were cold to the touch as their temperatures had dropped to a dangerous low.

Sarah Kelly

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Dogs React To ‘Raise The Woof,’ The World’s First Holiday Song For Dogs

Do you cheer with jingling bells when holiday music takes over the airwaves the day after Halloween, or would you rather bah humbug until spring?

No matter which camp you’re in, now you can share the spirit with your dog. For the first time in history, a Christmas single written and performed just for dogs has just been released. It’s called “Raise the Woof.”

According to dog food company Tails.com, “Raise the Woof” isn’t just another novelty.

Source: YouTube/tails.com UK
Have you played ‘Raise the Woof’ for your dog yet?

“We did some digging, and based on scientific research (our music producers played over 500 sounds to 25 dogs in a digital focus group) we found the secret to dog pop,” the website states.

Source: YouTube/tails.com UK
Daisy and Ruby react to “Raise the Woof.”

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