These Dogs Stole The Show At The Golden Globe Awards

Most years, celebrities and their accomplishments are highlighted during the Golden Globe Awards. But this year, adorable dogs swooped in and stole the show. After the year we had in 2020, I think it’s safe to say we could all use more dogs in 2021.

While some people may be talking about the award winners, like Chad Boseman and Andra Day, we’re equally excited to talk about the pups that showed up to steal the hearts of viewers.

If you watched the awards for yourself, you may have noticed some pups in the background, like Regina King’s dog Cornbread, or Jodie Foster’s pet who went with her to claim her win!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In case you don’t want to re-watch the whole event just to pinpoint the pups, we’ve compiled some of the best dog moments from the 2021 Golden Globe Awards. Check them out below:

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Kitten Discovered Hiding Under Porch, Found His Courage Through Another Cat that Needed a Friend

A kitten who was rescued from under a porch, found his courage with the help of another cat who needed a buddy.

Dorset Rescue Kittens

A short-haired tabby was found under a porch in Dorset, Ontario, Canada. Some Good Samaritans heard his cries and located him under the stairs.

The kitten was very afraid of people but so hungry that he couldn’t resist the food that he was offered. His finders were able to secure him and bring him to their local rescue, Dorset Rescue Kittens, for help.

The little tabby named Scruffy was very scared and tried to hide and avoid human contact. He was taken into foster care, bidding farewell to life on the streets. He would no longer have to scrounge around for food or spend another day outside.

Dorset Rescue Kittens

Slowly but surely, Scruffy started to learn to trust, but he was still very … Read the rest

Rare Mekong River Irrawaddy Dolphins Are Nearly Extinct, But There Is Hope

The small freshwater Mekong River Irrawaddy dolphins are noted for their uniquely shaped round heads and short dorsal fins. They are like no other dolphin on Earth, and could soon be extinct. In fact, only about 89 of these animals remain alive, living in an 118-mile stretch of the Mekong River between Cambodia and Laos.

Though their entire species is contained in a single pinpoint on a map of the world, these dolphins are still facing threats from human activity.

Source: Adobe Stock/isuaneye
Irrawaddy dolphins are found in the Mekong River between Laos and Cambodia.

According to the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, Irrawaddy dolphins are most commonly threatened by gill nets, development of upstream dams, overfishing, and illegal fishing practices.

The IUCN also maintains that gill net entanglement is the main cause of adult mortality, but polluted waters have caused far more insidious problems for the dolphins.

Irrawaddy dolphins are commonly killed by gill nets.
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World Animal News TOP Stories Making Headlines

1. WAN Talks With World-Renowned Scientist Dr. Reese Halter About The Controversial Wolf Hunt That Happened Last Week In Wisconsin & How To End It

Tragically, last week, hundreds of gray wolves in Wisconsin became prey to greedy and callous hunters in the state’s first wolf hunt in seven years. The abhorrent and senselessly cruel hunt ran through Sunday or until hunters hit their ‘kill limit’ of 200 innocent lives, which sadly happened early this year.

The controversial hunt was ordered to take place after a Jefferson County Circuit Court decided last week that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources violated state law by refusing to schedule a winter 2021 gray wolf hunt when the gray wolf was delisted from the Endangered Species Act by the Trump administration on January 4, 2021.

WAN had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Reese Halter, a world-renowned scientist and eco-stress physiologist specializing

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Cat So Happy to Be Reunited with Her Only Kitten After She Was Brought Back from the Brink

A tabby cat is so happy to be reunited with her only kitten after she was brought back from the brink.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

A pregnant cat found herself in a difficult situation when her family no longer wanted her. A 12-year-old girl saw what happened and offered to take the cat, so she wouldn’t end up on the streets in the middle of winter. With the help of a neighbor, they were able to find a rescue to take her in.

The tabby cat was about 1-2 years old and heavily pregnant. Sylvie, a volunteer of Chatons Orphelins Montréal (a cat rescue in Montreal, Canada), responded to their plea and immediately drove to pick up the cat.

The sweet feline named Gisel quickly warmed up to her Foster Mom Stef when she realized that she was safe.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

“Gisel trusted her foster mom right away, and spent … Read the rest

Clever Cat Opens Sliding Glass Door To Let The Dogs In

Who runs the world? I’ll give you a hint – contrary to Beyonce’s words, it’s not girls. And it’s not boys either. It’s actually cats.

Go to any home around the world where cats reside and you will see that cats are the ones running the whole show. I’ve been around cats all my life, and they definitely are far more crafty and quick-witted than we give them credit for – traits that they use to their full advantage.

Take Buster, for example. This adorable cat knows how to open doors, a skill that he uses to his full advantage. It would seem that his intelligence has made him the pack leader of the dogs in his home since they rely on his smarts to get them out of a sticky situation.

When the tiny Yorkies got themselves locked out, it is Buster who steps in and saves the day. … Read the rest

California Wants To Help Farmers Transition To Growing Plant-Based Crops With The Introduction Of The Smart Climate Agriculture Program

On Friday, Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-San Jose), along with cosponsors Social Compassion in Legislation and The Good Food Institute, introduced AB 1289, The Smart Climate Agriculture Program. Assemblymember Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) co-authored the bill which was created to support California farmers who want to transition from animal agriculture to plant-based agriculture.

Helping local farmers transition will solidify California’s position as a leader in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, creating jobs in a burgeoning industry, providing wholesome, sustainable food for its growing population, and helping to keep family farms in business.

“By providing our local farms with the tools and resources to transition to plant-based agriculture, farmers can play a greater role in combating climate change through sustainable practices, while helping the state become a leader in supplying and processing plant-based foods and products for our ever-growing population,” Assemblymember Kalra said in a statement sent to WAN. “I am

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Kitten with Rare Condition Strives to Grow Big and Strong and Won't Let Anything Slow Him Down

A little tuxedo kitten who was born with a rare condition, is determined to grow big and strong.

The Mad Catters @madcattersinc

The Mad Catters, a foster-based animal rescue charity, took in a pregnant young cat about five months ago. She was rescued in the nick of time before her babies were born.

With the help of volunteers at The Mad Catters, the cat mom had her precious kittens in a safe and comfortable environment. Her loving foster family was there to provide the assistance that she desperately needed.

“She was far too young to be having babies of her own. As a result of her size, age, and nutrition, all but one of her babies came out just a little bit different,” the rescue shared.

The Mad Catters @madcattersinc

The runt of the litter, Swan (also named Panda), was growing at a much slower pace compared to his … Read the rest

A Rare White Bison Has Been Spotted In The Ozark Mountains

Earlier this year, the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park was pleased to welcome a rare white bison to its herd of 25.

The white bison was named Takoda, which means “friend to everyone” in Sioux. Takoda was actually born on a private ranch before making his journey to the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park and settling in with his new herd.

White bison were once extremely rare, though they’re slowly growing in numbers. According to Prevention, the director of wildlife at Dogwood Canyon, Jeremy Hinkle, said that a white bison’s birth “was once an exceptionally rare occurrence, with some estimates stating that only one in 10,000,000 bison were born white.”

Photo: Instagram / dogwood_canyon

He continued, saying, “Though still rare, the phenomenon is more common due to crossbreeding with cattle as a result of attempts by ranchers to save the species from extinction after original populations plummeted to only a few … Read the rest

Breaking! Beyond Meat Announces A Three-Year Strategic Agreement With McDonald’s To Help Develop More Plant-Based Options

Yesterday, Beyond Meat Inc. announced the establishment of a three-year global strategic agreement with McDonald’s Corporation. As part of the agreement, Beyond Meat will be McDonald’s preferred supplier for the patty in the McPlant burger, which is being tested in select McDonald’s markets globally.

In addition, Beyond Meat and McDonald’s will explore co-developing other plant-based menu items – like plant-based options for chicken, pork and egg – as part of McDonald’s broader McPlant platform.

In 2019, WAN announced McDonald’s entry into the plant-based arena, testing their first plant-based burger, the P.L.T. (Plant, Lettuce, Tomato), in partnership with Beyond Meat, in 28 restaurants in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

“Our new McPlant platform is all about giving customers more choices when they visit McDonald’s,” said Francesca DeBiase, McDonald’s Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer, in a statement. “We’re excited to work with Beyond Meat to drive innovation in this space, and

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