Earlier this year, the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park was pleased to welcome a rare white bison to its herd of 25.

The white bison was named Takoda, which means “friend to everyone” in Sioux. Takoda was actually born on a private ranch before making his journey to the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park and settling in with his new herd.

White bison were once extremely rare, though they’re slowly growing in numbers. According to Prevention, the director of wildlife at Dogwood Canyon, Jeremy Hinkle, said that a white bison’s birth “was once an exceptionally rare occurrence, with some estimates stating that only one in 10,000,000 bison were born white.”

Photo: Instagram / dogwood_canyon

He continued, saying, “Though still rare, the phenomenon is more common due to crossbreeding with cattle as a result of attempts by ranchers to save the species from extinction after original populations plummeted to only a few hundred between 1830 and 1900.”

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Conservationists and wildlife experts are excited to welcome Takoda to the wild herd of bison living at Dogwood park. As the outlet shared, Hinkle believes that the new white bison calf serves as an example of “the delicate balance of conservation that saved this species from near extinction.”

Photo: Facebook / Dogwood Canyon

Beyond that, the white bison also serves as an important symbol in Native American culutres. Hinkle explained that Native American teachings traditionally referenced the white bison as a sacred animal that “promotes prayerful communication between Indingenous people and the Great Spirit.” Beyond that, it was also a sign of good luck and peace.

Photo: Facebook / Dogwood Canyon

According to the National Park Service, there’s a legend of the white bison. According to the legend, a Lakota chief sent two boys out to hunt during a great famine. While out hunting, the boys came across a a figure, a beautiful woman. The woman appeared to be sacred and gifted the Lakota tribe a sacred white buffalo pipe. Before leaving the tribe, the woman turned into a white buffalo and said that when the white buffalo returns, it’s a sign of good forunute and answered prayers.

Perhaps Takoda will bring Dogwood Park great fortune! He’s sure a positive sign for conversation efforts, if nothing else.

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