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8 These Beautiful Birds Have Pink Bodies, So Cute!

Pink is a color variant popular with women. Anything pink can look cute and feminine in an instant. Not unexpectedly, several species of birds turn out to have pink bodies underneath, you know. Curious about how it looks? Find out below!

Make anyone who sees it fall in love

1. Southern carmine bee-eater

The first bird with a pleasant pink color fell on the Southern Carmine Bee-eater. This colony-living bird has a distinctive pink body and long tail feathers.
There is also a greenish-black patch on the Southern Carmine Bee-eater’s head that looks like a small cap. But as small as this one, the Southern Carmine Bee-eater is known to be a reliable hunter, you know.

2. Pink robins

This cute chubby girl has another name Petroica Rodinogaster. Pink Robin is her nickname because she has a pink body and a cute face. An adult robin is only about 13 cm long. With a plump body and beautiful color gradations, this bird from Australia makes great pets.

3. Pink-headed fruit dove

Aside from the gray and white doves we usually encounter, there is also a pink dove called the Pink-headed Fruit Dove. This bird has many colors that blend beautifully with its body. Among others, the color pink on the head, gray and white on the chest, and teal around the wings. These pigeons are distributed throughout Indonesia, including Sumatra, Java, and Bali.

4. Pine Hawfinch

Pine grosbeak males generally have cute bodies with a beautiful pink color. This differs from the female Pine Grosbeak, which appears with a golden yellow coat color. The Pine Grosbeak has strong clawed feet and a sharp little beak. Though cute looking, Pine Grosbeak is the largest species in the winter finch category, living in the frigid regions of North America and Eurasia.

5. Cardinal Woodpecker

If you feel that someone is familiar with this one animal, it means that your childhood was happy. Yes, a cardinal woodpecker is a bird very similar to the cartoon character Angry Bird. These grain-eating birds come in many colors depending on the species and habitat. One of the prettiest is the pink salmon color above.

6. Flamingos

Popular now for various interesting designs, this beautiful bird has a pretty pink color. A Flamingo is a large bird with a wingspan of up to 150 cm. You will easily find flamingos in their habitat areas such as Central America, South America, and the Caribbean islands.

7. Roseate Spoonbill

Also part of the large bird family, the roseate spoonbill looks stunning with its long, spoon-shaped beak and pink body. Roseate spoonbills live in brackish water like swamps.

8. Rose-breasted Cockatoo

The last one is a very beautiful pink cockatoo called the Rose Breasted Cockatoo. This intelligent bird is widespread in Australia and has another name, the giant cockatoo. The Galah is like any other cockatoo species that can be kept as a pet. It can also last up to 40 years.
The womenfolk must be thrilled and desperate to have one of these pink animals. If you had the chance to own one, which animal would you raise, girls?

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