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5 The Meaning of This Cat’s Behavior Looks Trivial But Has Deep Meaning

Cats are creatures whose lives are close to humans. Among them are feral cats, often encountered on the streets. They live as street cats, until they are cared for by humans to become pet cats. This type of anabul is not only adorable.

They are also known as mysterious animals. Unlike dogs that can be trained to behave in a certain way. Cat behavior, somewhat more difficult to predict. Even though they often do a lot of things, like wagging their tails, without expression, to the point where they look angry, even though they’re not. We as humans often do not fully understand what the meaning of his behavior is.

Because of that, there are times when we just assume what it means. However, as reported by Medical Todays, some of these seemingly trivial cat behaviors can actually have various meanings, not even what we understand so far! Some of them can even be explained scientifically. Find out more about it in this article, come on momas tube!

1. Rubbing the head or pulling the hem of clothing

For people they care about or like, cats often show their feelings by touching those people. For example by touching with your finger or sort of pulling the hem of your pants or shirt. This behavior is known as “pregnancy” and can be interpreted in two scientific meanings.

First, they leave behind a pheromone that is secreted from the cheek glands, marking that you are the owner. Second, especially when cats tug at the hem of your pants, they are using their sense of smell, figuring out if you’re interacting with other animals. Apparently, they are quite jealous, you know!

2. Snoring

Humans often think that snoring means animals are enjoying a good night’s sleep. However, it’s not always like that. Even the meaning of this purring cat is somewhat melancholy, you know. Among other things, it is thought that the cat was in a bad mood.

So snoring while sleeping is their way of calming themselves down when times are tough. Another hypothesis, purring cats could have benefits to help sick cats recover. This happens because the snoring process involves inhaling and exhaling which produces a pulsating hum of 20-150 Herz. However, it remains unclear how they perform this healing aid purring.

3. Always want to feel close to or be around you

Maybe this cat’s behavior is the easiest for you to understand. If you feel that there is a stray cat at home that keeps coming back to the house. Never went far. That is a signal that can be interpreted that they like you. Especially if the type of cat is a shy character.

Shy cats are usually reluctant to be in a foreign environment, do not like having to deal with new people. Therefore, this type of cat usually often appears around you. Feels more secure and comfortable being close to people he likes.

4. Communication through eye movement

Seeing a cat’s eyes widen even when they usually are enlarged, always looks so adorable. However, behind that the meaning of this one cat’s behavior can be understood as the way they express feelings of being very excited or a reaction to something they perceive as a threat.

According to research, cat eyes are one of their communication tools that can be easily understood. To make peace or become more familiar with this cat you can do it by trying to give it a slow blink. This can be interpreted by them as a signal that they will be safe around you.

5. Communication through mustache gestures

Cat whiskers contain the same substance as their fur, namely keratin. However, their long mustaches communicate certain behaviors as well. Whiskers are special touch organs, each of which has 100-200 nerve cells that can provide information to the cat itself about everything that interacts with their body (touches their body).

Whiskers can indicate a cat’s mood. When a cat is in a relaxed state, they will protrude from the side of their face. When cats are happy or excited by being gently stroked on their heads, their whiskers point forward or duck down in a sign of pleasure. Meanwhile, when the mustache moves backwards, it means they are on alert.

It is interesting to study the various behaviors of cats that are considered mysterious. Some of the behaviors above show how cats usually behave when dealing with humans, especially those they like. Apart from that, there are many other cat behaviors that we often see. Like meowing, growling, to hissing. Not infrequently some cat behavior is interpreted as muttering to itself, you know! Wow, it turns out that cats like to pensive like humans too, huh!