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5 Interesting Facts About Flamingos Birds, The Slender Pink!

Flamingo is famous for its characteristic long neck and long legs. Flamingo birds also have long beaks and beautiful body colors to look at. Therefore, the Flamingo is one of the animals that are most used as a girl’s favorite animation. But behind its cute cover, Flamingo keeps these 5 interesting facts!

It turns out they have pink blood!

1. Has another name fire bird other name firebird

Having a beautiful body doesn’t make flamingos always have a beautiful nickname either. The proof is that flamingos have another name fire bird which means firebird. How come? Yep, because the name flamingo comes from the Spanish ‘flamenco’ which means fire. The word was taken based on the striking pink color that the flamingo has.

2. Flamingo consists of many types

If you only know pink flamingos, that means you are not up to date. Because flamingos consist of 6 different species. Among them are The greater flamingo, Chilean flamingo, Lesser flamingo, Caribbean flamingo, Andean flamingo, and Puna flamingo. The pink, white and other colors in the flamingo’s body appear because they generally eat algae and crustaceans that contain carotenoid pigments so that they can spread to their feathers.

3. Flamingo has pink blood and mucus

The carotenoids that are scattered in the flamingo’s body do not only appear on the feathers, but this substance also blends in with the color of the flamingo’s blood. Newly born female flamingos feed directly from their mouths. Adult flamingos produce mucus which has a milky function and this is also pink in color.

4. Flamingo bodies can change color at the end of the breeding season

Both male and female flamingos can feed their young with milk that is produced from their mucus. The pink liquid is fully given to the child so that the adult pink flamingo color fades from white to gray. Scientists have found that certain flamingo species have different levels of carotenoids, so this sort of thing naturally happens.

5. The most striking pink color is the strongest flamingo symbol

The pinker and more striking pink color that a flamingo has means a higher status in the colony. This indicates that the dark pink fur of the flamingo is the most reliable in finding food. From this food, flamingo chicks born with white bodies will transform into pink fur because of the carotenoid levels they have consumed since birth.
Wow, really impressive facts about flamingos. Don’t forget to share with your friends so they understand better and don’t just like the beauty of flamingos. But also know how the original life of this pink bird.