The current situation in Texas is dire, with millions of the state’s residents left without heating after Texas’s electricity grid failed after a spike in power due to the freezing conditions.

Among the dozens of residents fighting to stay warm is the Bexar County sanctuary Primarily Primates, a nonprofit animal sanctuary that provides care for primates.

Within their 78-acre facility, they have hundreds of animals, including 32 chimpanzees. When the power went out on Monday, February 15th, the center’s staff and volunteers raced against the clock in order to evacuate dozens of the animals to the San Antonio Zoo, as well as set up heaters and generators in order to keep those who remained behind warm.

Photo: Facebook / Primarily Primates

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the sanctuary did suffer the loss of 12 monkeys and lemurs, plus one chimpanzee named Violet.

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The president and sanctuary manager of Friends of Animals, Priscilla Feral, explained that each loss was a devastating blow to their staff as “every animal matters to us.”

Photo: Facebook / Primarily Primates

She further said in a statement, “We know this unprecedented Arctic blast is taking a toll on humans, which is why we are so grateful to the San Antonio Zoo staff… as well as the more than 60 volunteers who have organized meetups and driven their 4x4s in treacherous conditions to bring us supplies. Their kindness brings some comfort during this nightmare. They are heroes, and so are our staff members.”

The oldest of the chimps living at the sanctuary and one of the ones to pass away was Violet. Even though she was old, the staff noted that she never acted her age. The chimp was full of life after having been previously used in biomedical research. It is believed that she died due to a stroke.

Photo: Facebook / Primarily Primates

While the sanctuary mourns her loss, the executive director at Primarily Primates, Brooke Chavez, has shared that the rest of the chimps are fine and staying warm thanks to properly-ventilated propane heaters. They also have attentive staff checking in on them in 20-minute intervals.

The staff has also been making sure that their other primates are set up with heaters and generators to keep them warm too. And after news got out about the sanctuary’s plight, they were happy to update the public in a Facebook post, revealing that they finally have the power back on and are also using donated generators.

Photo: Facebook / Primarily Primates

The sanctuary is still in need of water, trash bags, paper towels, fruit (bananas, apples, grapes, melons), shovels and squeegees, and cleaning supplies, like countertop spray and mop solution. They’re also accepting donations on their website from those who want to help but cannot deliver items in person.

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