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Absolute novice’s manual to breeding sheep

Absolute Beginer’s guide to breeding sheep

As I stated in my previous article, there may be already loads of fabric in print and at the internet overlaying each component of sheep retaining in brilliant detail. for this reason i have tried to put in writing my article in a way with a view to cope with the basics. With this creation you will be capable of extra without difficulty understand the extra particular works on the situation that i am hoping you will cross on to examine.

It’s miles now early November and as luck could have it, through some distance the maximum logical factor to start a chain of articles on the sheep keeper’s 12 months. The lambs born within the Spring can have now been separated from their mothers and could both were offered off the farm or as a minimum be grazing in part of it properly … Read the rest

Tips for defensive your AQUARIUM against high summer TEMPERATURES

Aquarium protection

All through the summer time months, it can come to be extra of a assignment to maintain your aquarium temperature solid. hold analyzing to study more approximately hints for protecting your tank in opposition to excessive summer season temperatures.

In the heat of summer, the temperature on your aquarium is probable to rise. this is specifically actual if your aquarium is placed near a window or in direct daylight. while many fish can resist minor fluctuations in tank temperature, very high water temperatures may be dangerous for some fish. If you warfare to keep your tank temperature down for the duration of the summer time, you might want to reconsider your plan and restock your tank with greater excessive- temperature-tolerant fish. In this text, you’ll learn about the perfect temperature range for an aquarium and get hold of recommendations for retaining that temperature. You’ll also find a listing … Read the rest

Two Kittens from Different Litters Share Adorable Bond, They Hope for Dream Home Together

Two kittens are so happy to have found each other, and hope for a dream home together.

best friends kittens
Q-tip and Tina are best of friendsPenny Richards

Quentin (Q-tip) and Tarantina (Tina), two 3-week-old kittens, crossed paths when they were rescued along with 24 other kittens by Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) in Arlington, Virginia.

They were the same age and size, and both needed a friend. When they were paired up in foster care, they instantly hit it off as if they had always been siblings. Penny Richards, a foster volunteer of AWLA, welcomed them into her home a week later.

“Quentin (a blue colorpoint) was a big baby, and he absolutely refused to wean. He would yell at me for his bottle. Meanwhile, Tina (a tabby) had been eating from a bowl for a while,” Penny told Love Meow.

They are not from the same litter but share Read the rest

Common Cat Sounds & What They Mean

Cats are vocal animals, some more chatty than others, who attempt to communicate with humans through a wide range of sounds.

Did you know that a cat’s vocabulary consists of over 100 vocalizations, while a dog’s has about 10?!

Apparently, the more affectionate Fluffy is the more vocal she is. Siamese cats are notorious chatterboxes while Persians and Russian Blues are some of the quietest cats.

Photo: Pixabay

Cats express their emotions through the sounds they make. Learn more about the five common sounds below and what each means.

5 Common Cat Sounds


This is the most familiar sound a cat makes, but it is only used to communicate with humans. Since humans do not read body language – ear and tail twitches – the same way other animals do, cats discovered meowing was an effective form of communication.

Photo: Pixabay

Cats will meow when they are hungry, want … Read the rest

Update! $20,000 Reward Offered For Information On The Illegal Killing Of A Mother Wolf; This Sadly Marks The End Of The Wedge Wolf Pack

Yesterday, animal welfare and conservation groups announced a reward of $15,000 for information on the poaching of the breeding female of the Wedge wolf pack. Today, Peace 4 Animals and WAN contributed $5,000 to raise the reward to $20,000 to bring justice to this slain female wolf. The mother wolf was found dead of a gunshot wound on May 26th in the Sheep Creek area of Stevens County in northeast Washington state.

Biologists with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife discovered that the female wolf likely gave birth to pups earlier this year. It is speculated that the pups would not yet have been fully weaned and that her litter might not be able to survive on their own. Tragically, the female wolf’s death is thought to mark the demise of the Wedge wolf pack, as she was likely the only remaining female left. Now, it is thought

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Cat Shows Up on Windowsill, Tells Family He is Ready to Leave Stray Life Behind

A stray cat showed up on a windowsill one day and was ready to leave street life behind.

cuddly orange cat
Carlton the orange tabby catLittle Wanderers NYC

An orange cat befriended a young girl when he showed up outside her home in Brooklyn, New York. She began feeding the friendly stray and he just kept coming back.

When the cat returned late last month, with an injury, he hopped onto the windowsill, crying for help. The young girl and her family were able to rescue him and take him to Little Wanderers NYC, so he could receive the medical attention he needed.

“Little Wanderers does not turn a blind eye to friendly cats on the street. Carlton (the orange cat) was sick and had a huge cut behind his ear that required sutures,” Little Wanderers NYC shared.

stray orange cat
Carlton jumped on the windowsill crying for helpLittle Wanderers NYC

Despite what he … Read the rest

Klepto Cat Loves To Steal From Neighbors, So Mom Posts Sign

A black rescue cat named Esme has been stealing from her neighbors in Oregon for years.

It all began in 2019 when she first started to roam outside. Esme would stand by the door and meow loudly
letting her mom, Kate Felmet, know she had brought a gift – which was usually a dead bird or trash.

“My mom is an avid bird-watcher and was quite distressed, so I began to praise Esme for anything she brought me that wasn’t a bird,” Felmet told The Insider.

Photo: Kate Felmet

And so a kleptomaniac was born.

Esme would collect anything she could fit in her mouth and bring them back home as a gift. Felmet tried to return the stolen items and apologize, but the stealth feline kept bringing more and more.

Things only got worse during the coronavirus lockdown.

Photo: Kate Felmet

Felmet said Esme brought home 11 face masks … Read the rest

Breaking! Rhino Poaching Kingpin Petros Sydney Mabuza “Mr. Big” Was Shot & Killed In South Africa

Photo credit: Saving The Wild

Alleged rhino poaching kingpin, Petros Sydney Mabuza, known as “Mr. Big,” was reportedly killed this afternoon after his truck was shot an estimated 17 times in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

While authorities have yet to share his name publicly, they did release a statement noting that “Police in Mpumalanga are looking for suspects who shot and killed a 57-year-old man, who was previously arrested on several allegations related to rhino poaching cases which are currently before the High Court.”

Jamie Joseph of the nonprofit organization Saving the Wild also took to social media to acknowledge the news.

“I have just been advised that Petros Mabuza (aka) “Mr. Big,” the rhino poaching kingpin of Kruger, was gunned down today in Hazyview,” Joseph stated in a post on Saving The Wild’s Facebook page. “I have seen his dead face and I can confirm this as fact.

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Cat Kept Her Unborn Kittens from the Cold Until Help Arrived, Now Has Her Dream Come True

A cat kept her unborn kittens from harsh weather until help arrived. Months later, she finally had her dream come true.

tortie cat mom
Camilla the cat and her kittensCatsnip Etc

Early this year, a tortoiseshell cat was spotted on the side of the road by a Good Samaritan (from Indiana) who was driving by the area. The stray was covered in ice and snow and curled up into a ball, desperately trying to stay warm.

“The Good Samaritan immediately turned around and scooped her up. She was so friendly and sweet and never stopped purring,” Missy McNeal of Catsnip Etc told Love Meow.

Volunteers of Catsnip Etc picked her up the next day and got her situated into a loving foster home. They didn’t know what happened to her prior to being found, but discovered some scratches on the cat and that some of her toenails were injured.

Catsnip Etc

They … Read the rest

How To Help A Dog With Separation Anxiety

Our pets are our best friends, and, in our dogs’ eyes, we are their whole world. Which is why, when owners leave, a lot of dogs develop separation anxiety. According to Medical News Today, more than 70{b8e52ae401ab4429f6a8b3e505e6a1121735214120d1305293475d9eee35ccfa} of dogs get separation anxiety. Pets can become anxious without their owners or in new locations or if they’ve had a traumatic event or if their owners leave them for long periods of time. Whether you’ve moved homes or your routine has changed, your dog can tell. They become nervous and frantic or act out when they’re left. The last thing you want is for your pet to feel anxious when you leave the house.

Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Every dog is different, and they all show signs of stress in unique ways. There are a variety of symptoms that show your pet has separation anxiety. It’s important to know the … Read the rest