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See ‘The Most Fish Ever Recorded On Camera’ At Nearly 10,000 Feet Below The Ocean Surface

A world record was just set in near complete darkness, more than 9,800 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. It took a little coaxing, but with some mackerel and a strategically placed floodlight, scientists were able to capture video of the most fish ever recorded in one shot.

In this case, it was a writing mass of 115 Ilyophis arx, cutthroat eels.

“Our observations truly surprised us,” said Astrid Leitner, a biological oceanographer and lead author on the study, who conducted this work as graduate researcher in the UH Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST). “We had never seen reports of such high numbers of fishes in the sparsely-populated, food-limited deep-sea.”

Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
These cutthroat eels were found about 9,800 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

The researchers captured the footage on a seamount in the … Read the rest

Kitten Found in Backyard with His Siblings, Grew Unique Coat, Determined to Thrive

A kitten who was found in a backyard, grew unique markings on his coat. He was so tiny but determined to thrive.

Yige @fostersxyz

Four newborn kittens were found in a resident’s backyard without a mother in sight. They were extremely tiny, and their mom never came back for them.

The resident reached out to Orphan Kitten Club, a kitten rescue based in San Diego County, California. “When I heard the kittens were just hours old and had been without a mom, I headed there straight away to pick them up,” Yige, Satellite Nursery Coordinator of Orphan Kitten Club, told Love Meow. “They were found outside as preemies and their mom took off as soon as she gave birth.”

One of the kittens was exceptionally small compared to the rest of the litter. He was so thin, frail and cold to the touch. Yige immediately placed him on a … Read the rest

Kaley Cuoco & Husband Heartbroken When Rescued Dog Dies Months After Adoption

You may know her as Penny in The Big Bang Theory, but actress Kaley Cuoco is a big animal lover in real life.

The actress has rescued dogs, horses, and even a rabbit named Simon. Cuoco and her husband even adopted a senior shelter dog, Petunia, to shower the old dog with affection and love in her golden years.

Photo: Instagram/ mrtankcook

But sadly, Petunia wouldn’t get to spend much time with her forever family. Cuoco and her husband, Karl Cook, announced that the elderly dog died just months after being adopted, according to TODAY. “We love you dear special Petunia!!!!!” the actress wrote in a heartfelt Instagram tribute. “You are the reason we continue to save dogs just like you. And we will never stop.”

Photo: Instagram/ mrtankcook

Cook was equally distraught by the senior dog’s passing, but he took comfort in the fact that Petunia’s years … Read the rest

Kittens with Sweetest Smile Seek Attention from Everyone and Hope for Dream Home Together

A bonded pair of kittens seeks affection from everyone they come across, and hopes to find a dream home together.

Nashville Cat Rescue

Zip and Zap, two ginger kittens, were rescued from a cat colony in a neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee. Kiki, a foster volunteer through Nashville Cat Rescue, worked tirelessly with a kind neighbor to get all the cats and kittens to safety, and provide the help they needed to thrive.

Zip and Zap were immediately glued to each other after they were rescued. They were unsure about the new surroundings at first, but after being spayed and neutered and getting a taste of the cushy indoor life, they quickly came around.

The brother and sister duo turned into the sweetest love-bugs once they realized that they were safe. They showered each other with cuddles, purrs and licks while enjoying the comfort of their new abode.

Nashville Cat Read the rest

Zoo Visitors Gasp As Gorilla Tries To Care For Injured Bird

A little compassion can go a long way during the holiday season, no matter what species you are. A gorilla at a zoo in New South Wales, Australia, recently showed the world just what that word means means when it stopped to care for an injured bird.

Murmurs from zoo visitors grew more concerned as the gorilla made its way over to the tiny creature. A woman’s can be heard saying it may not “end pretty” in a video of the incident.

Source: YouTube/ViralHog
The gorilla walks over to the injured bird.

Others may also have thought the hulking primate was going to hurt the bird. Far from it; the gorilla gently bent down to examine the bird before touching its wings with even greater care.

The gorilla sits by the bird while examining it.
Source: YouTube/ViralHog
The gorilla sits by the bird while examining it.

The bird fluttered ever so slightly as the gorilla nudged it on, possibly … Read the rest

World Animal News TOP Stories Making Headlines

1. Victory! Colorado Approves Reintroduction Of Endangered Gray Wolves Bringing Hope To Their Species Throughout The West

An unprecedented state ballot initiative requiring wildlife officials to reintroduce endangered gray wolves in Colorado passed the recent election with a 20,000-vote majority and hundreds of pro-wolf precincts left to be counted. Opponents conceded that the measure has passed.

Proposition 114 requires Colorado Parks and Wildlife to develop a wolf restoration and management plan based on science and statewide public hearings. Reintroduction to areas west of the Continental Divide must begin by December 31st, 2023.

“Since time immemorial wolves were one of the most influential animals in shaping the ecology of Colorado’s forests and grasslands,” Michael Robinson of the Center for Biological Diversity told WAN. “Federal wolf poisoning and trapping on behalf of the livestock industry a century ago continues today to harm a myriad of other animal and plant species. Colorado voters

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Cat Kneads Away with Happy Paws When She Finds Family to Help Her Kittens

A cat is so thankful to have found a family to help her kittens that she keeps kneading away.

Amber @kitty_fostering_oz

A month ago, a rescued pregnant cat came to her foster home in Melbourne, Australia, for a chance at a better life. She was so thankful for a roof over her head and plenty of good food available within reach.

The expectant cat mom was very knead-y from the start. As soon as she stepped on a soft blanket, she began making the cutest “biscuits”, kneading away while purring up a storm. “She is a total sweetheart, super affectionate and has absolutely beautiful markings,” Amber, a foster volunteer of Hear No Evil, shared.

They thought there would be another few weeks until the tiny babies arrived, but a few days later, Amber walked into the room to quite the surprise — the sweet cat mom, Pandora, gave birth … Read the rest

13 Foods To Avoid Giving Your Dogs On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has arrived and this holiday may come with a number of unexpected issues. No, we are not talking about those pesky in-laws.

This year, we are expected to have smaller celebrations because of the ongoing pandemic, but we can celebrate within our households which means our dogs are still invited. Unfortunately, there are a number of dog owners who are unaware of some foods to avoid giving their dogs.

Dogs have a way of making us feel terrible for not sharing our food with them. When they do their cute little beggar routine, it is tempting to simply give them a bit of whatever we are having. However, there are a number of holiday foods that are simply not good for dogs. The American Kennel Club has prepared a helpful list for anyone who is looking to keep their pet safe this year.

Photo: Pixabay

This list includes many … Read the rest

Breaking! Ricky Gervais Teams Up With In Defense Of Animals For Fur Free Friday; Calls For Saks & Neiman Marcus To Stop Selling Fur!

In Defense of Animals has joined forces with world-renowned animal advocate and comedian Ricky Gervais to educate shoppers about the true cost of fur and to encourage major retailers to ban fur sales for Fur Free Friday on November 27th.

In Defense of Animals has been fighting against the fur trade since the 80’s, and helped create the longest-running animal protection demonstration in the world. Fur Free Friday events take place every year on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. Animal advocates come together to help educate the public about the fur industry and the animals it harms in the wild and on fur farms. This important campaign calls for an end to the cruelty inherent in the fur industry.

This year, due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, In Defense of Animals has coordinated a virtual Fur Free Friday event with the help of comedian and animal

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Cat Showed Up at Family's Door and Asked to Be Let Inside After Spending Years on the Streets

An orange cat showed up outside a family’s home and asked for help. His life was forever changed.

One Cat At a Time

Jaelle from Quebec, Canada was surprised to find a cat in her backyard, scratching at the door, begging to be let in. She had never seen the cat until that day (Valentine’s day) last year, in the midst of the bitter Canadian winter.

Jaelle, who volunteers for One Cat At a Time, a kitten rescue in Quebec, immediately opened the door for the sweet feline. The orange tabby looked rough around the edges. He was cold, hungry and sick. Jaelle reached out to Marie Simard, founder of One Cat At a Time, and asked for help.

“Our rescue specializes in orphan kittens, but he was asking to be saved at the door and we couldn’t leave him outside,” Marie told Love Meow. “We tried to find … Read the rest